loans: New Sign of a Stroke -------- Stick out Your Tongue - 01/14/10 04:26 PM
Something to share with Family, Friends, Neighbors.
Please keep this  going....               INFORMATION EVERYONE  SHOULD KNOW.......................Blood  Clots/Stroke - They Now Have a Fourth Indicator, the  TongueI  will continue to forward this every time it comes  around!My  nurse friend sent this and encouraged me to post it and spread  the word.I agree.If everyone can remember  something this simple, we could save some  folks.Seriously..Please read:STROKE  IDENTIFICATION:During a BBQ, a friend stumbled and  took a little fall - she assured everyone that she was fine  (they offered to call paramedics) ..she said she had just  tripped over a brick … (10 comments)

loans: Isn't Blogging A Two Way Street? Am I wrong? Am I Missing Something? - 01/11/10 07:36 AM

This is a response to: Steve Shatsky - Dallas Real Estate & Short Sale Specialist (469)449-9840 (Prudential Texas Properties) recent post:
Are You Creating Conversation, Connecting with Consumers or Simply Creating White Noise with your Blog... and does it really matter?
I thought this was a very well written post about a very important subject. Inasmuch as I'm a newbie blogger and haven't a clue what I'm doing I do it all. Cut and paste, write frivolous posts, relevant posts, re-publish others' posts, etc. I'm finally starting to get the hang of it I think. I've written 70+ posts and … (3 comments)

loans: Are You A Get Down and Getter Done Entrepreneur Or Just Another Me To RE Agent Waiting For Things To Happen? - 01/09/10 07:23 AM
Well, If You're Tired of Waiting Around For Things To Happen Check Out What Just Might Happen In The Next RE Boom.
Tens of thousands perhaps hundreds of thousands of old Trailers and Mobile Homes will be removed from "Resident Owned" Mobile Home Parks in the next few years and brand new Manufactured Homes will be installed turning these once blighted ole "Trailer Parks"nto gentrified upwardly mobile "Manufactured Home Communities"
                                  Before                                                                                     After
Above Left: Old Circa 50's & 60's 500sf 1+1 single wide trailers with asphalt driveway in aging and dilapidated trailer park. Right: Old trailers were removed … (31 comments)

loans: Anyone In The AR Community Want To Own A Tiny Piece of The North San Diego Beach Community? - 01/08/10 12:49 PM

Well, there comes a time and a place for all good things to end. I've owned a cute little 14x36, 504sf one bedroom, one bath Manufactured Home in a very charming little Beach community known as Leucadia for the past several years. One of my daughters lived there from the time we put it in until she graduated from college and started her Interior Design business. As her business began to flourish she moved into the Cedros design district of Solona Beach which is zoned residential/commercial. Hence I have lost my best ever resident renter.

Having tried to be … (3 comments)

loans: Today's Factory Built Housing Projects - 01/06/10 05:19 AM
Gone are the days of the "Singlewide", "Doublewide", trailer talk. "Today's Factory Built Housing" is here to stay. Be they Manufactured, Modular, PreFab, Component stacked et. al. it's a whole new ball game. I had a rather challanging, eventful and even fun-filled experience with many AR members this past year regarding the differences between site (stick) built and "Factory Built" housing so I have decided to make it my mission in '10 to educate as best I can our intimate little community. 
This is the first of many articles I intend to share with the AR community about my career and … (25 comments)

loans: Something To Think About In Our Quest and Hunger For Air Travel - 01/06/10 04:33 AM
By now every one has probably heard about the recent incident onthe NW/Delta flight #253 fromAmsterdam as it was making theapproach toDetroit . The terrorist on board who was attempting to blow the aircraftout of the sky was trying to ignite a substance similar to the
Explosive shown in the following demonstration ... click on the link below. Be sure to read the captions on the video. After seeing the demonstration you'll be saying OMG !'m not an alarmist or a doomsayer but the link above really got my attention and I felt obliged to share it with my family, friends, … (0 comments)

loans: Boomers Aren't Choosing Urban Retirement - 01/05/10 03:13 AM
TOMORROWS HOUSING TODAY: Check Out These Lovely Modular Homes and Then Read Our Post and The Attached Article From Modular and Manufactured Housing Is The Affordable Choice To Make Today.

I wanted to share this post and the attached article below with the AR community. I was just thinking about this on my last trip to Fort Meyers, Fl and the last San Diego Padre Home Game at Petco Park in downtown San Diego. I couldn't help but notice all the partly to almost completely empty hi-rise condo developments in these two very vital urban communities.
A very … (4 comments)

loans: A Sweet and Fragrant idea For My Fellow AR Friends. - 01/02/10 06:12 AM
A Sweet and Fragrant idea To My Fellow AR Friends.

I have a major obsession and passion with the Plumeria (also known as frangipani) plant or tree as it's turned out to be on my property. Having had the opportunity to surf and travel througout many of the Tropical Islands, Mexico and the Southwest US I couldn't help but notice this beautiful and fragrant plant growing along the shoreline and in the tropical forests everywhre. So about ten years ago I began collecting and propagating various Plumaria species throughout the world. It's definitely one of the most  passionate and … (2 comments)

loans: The Good Ole "GOLDEN RULE" & "KARMA" The Best "Code of Ethics" Ever - 01/01/10 05:35 AM
Reading AR member's posts everyday gives me the fodder, inspiration and incentive for so many of my posts. I'm very happy I joined the AR community and have really created some great long distance friends and relationships. I read a bunch of posts this morning as I do every morning because it gives me insight into our industry and the psychology and philosophy that drives it. Many of today's posts were about ethics, fiduciary responsibilities, the value of joining NAR and becoming a "Realtor" vs an "Agent", etc and they are all good messages. But isn't this all just plain ole … (4 comments)

loans: What Are You Doing New Years...........New Years Eve.......? - 12/31/09 07:12 AM

What Are You Doing New Years...........New Years Eve.......?
Remember that song? You'd be surprised how few people still remember that tune. Well, having reflected and pondered the last 50 out of my 64 wonderful years on this planet I have to say that there's definitely be an appreciable transition for this ole boy.
I remember my teens, circa 63-68,  how we would drive my old post office truck I bought at a Post office auction in 1963 for $500. I converted it into a "Surf Van" with fish net, cork floats and old glass balls adorning … (4 comments)

loans: There's A Time and A Place To Make Important and Lucrative Career Changes and Timing and Positioning Is Everything - 12/30/09 04:40 PM
There's A Time and A Place To Make Important and Lucrative Career Changes and Timing and Positioning Is Everything.
I am happy to announce that effective January 1, 2010 I will be joining the team of John Manson & the

President: John C. Manson
Realtor & Mortgage Specialist: John DL Arendsen
John Manson, a former defensive back for the Kansas City Chiefs, and I go back almost two decades as friends. We started our relationship with a mutual passion for the unique game of Bocce … (7 comments)

loans: WOW!! This Certainly Got My Attention. Sad But All Too Often True - 12/30/09 04:21 AM
WOW!! This Certainly Got My Attention. Sad But All Too Often True. I just wanted to pass this along to the AR community that doesn't subscribe to Realtor Magazine. It's definitely an eye opener if not a barn burner. My thought on the subject? She either got a little too familiar with this client after so many showings and/or she may have run out of patience and became noticeably irritated neither of which will very often not result in a deal. 
"Familiarity Breeds Contempt". We always have to maintain a certain level of mystique in our dealings with our clients. Spending … (4 comments)

loans: If you care about the way our Country is heading, Please circulate this to remind every voter that the "CESSPOOLS' MUST be pumped out when we go to the polls in November, 2010. - 12/30/09 02:16 AM
I tend not to pass many emails along but when I read this it hit a major nerve. And since this gentleman has asked that it be passed along I feel it my duty to oblige. I'm sorry if I'm stepping on any toes but both my Mother and Father served in the Military during WWII and it infuriates me when I see so many of our anit-military so called leaders  raise their high and mighty anvil of superiority.
If it wasn't for our Military having saved our arses in that war we would not be speaking English today, this … (0 comments)


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