crowdfunding: History of Real Estate Crowdfunding Part II - The JOBS Act - 05/31/16 04:15 PM
History of Real Estate Crowdfunding Part II – The JOBS Act 
If you haven’t read The History of Crowdfunding Part I, it is the early history of Crowdfunding.
Pabst Blue Ribbon, believe it or not, was instrumental in paving the way for Crowdfunding to be legalized.   Ironic that a bunch of beer drinkers helped the American Public to invest but hasn’t beer always helped the American People?   Pabst Blue Ribbon brewing Corp was for sale and two marketing executives, Patrick and Brian, heard about Crowdfunding, and as a joke started a website called and they collected $282M in pledges before the SEC shut … (2 comments)

crowdfunding: The History of Crowdfunding I - Real Estate and - 05/17/16 10:14 PM
The History of Crowdfunding Part I
Real Estate Crowdfund in Seattle –
If you haven’t heard of Real Estate Crowdfunding  yet.  You’re going to.  It’s going to shake Real  Estate, Lending, and Securities to the core.   I’ve been on a journey for the last few months that has resulted in me becoming the foremost expert Real Estate Crowdfunding in the Seattle Area on the subject.  Funny thing is, I would have had that title the first time I was told what it is.  Because no one else really has any idea what it is.  Everyone has heard of kickstarter but not … (2 comments)

crowdfunding: Real Estate Crowdfunding Investing - What is it? And Are You Ready? - 05/03/16 05:20 PM
Real Estate Crowdfunding Investing
What is it?  And Are You Ready?
In case you missed it there is an innovation in investing that’s going to literally 
change the way Americans invest in Real Estate.  It already has, and it’s not done.  No joke.  Real Estate Crowdfunding is here.  Get ready for change, embrace it, or you’ll probably be out of the industry. 
Investing from 1933 until now - 83 years
In order to advertise your business' stock you had to be registered with the Securities Exchange Commission As a private company, you could only sell your stock to an Accredited Investor.  A.K.A. - The … (10 comments)

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