real estate market: Greater Sacramento Real Estate Market Update Roundup - 05/27/08 06:59 AM
Here's a roundup of some of the real estate market updates that Elite Properties bloggers published in May in Sacramento County.  Generally these articles deal with sales for the previous month (April):
Franklin / Freeport
East Florin / Churchhill Downs
Elk Grove
Sacramento County Condo Market
Sacramento County Real Estate Market Part I and Part II.
Overall the story for our entire area is one where prices have fallen heavily, and demand has turned a corner and is picking up.  Even the Sac Bee is picking up the story of a real estate recovery.

real estate market: Placer County Real Estate Market - 12/11/07 04:24 AM
November's numbers in Placer County reflect the general slowdown in the real estate market, but compared to the numbers for Sacramento County, Placer County is holding up fairly well. In November, 228 units sold in Placer County, down 31.1% from last November's 331 units. The average home sold in Placer County for $424,415, down 14.8% from last November's average of $497,946. This year's homes were slightly smaller on average, however. As a result, sold price per square foot feel off more modestly. In November, 2007, the average sold price per square foot in Placer County was $201.05, down 12.1% from the … (2 comments)

real estate market: Roseville California real estate market holds up well compared to other local areas - 11/17/07 05:20 AM
Like most areas in greater Sacramento, Roseville’s real estate market in was slow this October.  Part of this is seasonal, but still unit volume has been down in September and October in general However, by compared to other markets, Roseville is holding its own fairly well.  In this report, we'll be dealing with all three Roseville areas, with  95678, 95661, and 95747. Roseville's average home price in October was $419,296, a decline of 9.7 % from last year’s average of $464,497.  The actual decline turns out to be more dramatic than that, however.  This year’s average home was some 7.2% larger than … (0 comments)

real estate market: October 2007 Real Estate Market -- Placer County, California - 11/17/07 05:11 AM
Although Placer County has seen real estate values decline as they have in many parts of the country over the last year, the statistics in Placer are still fairly robust for the area, and certainly compared to Sacramento County.  For example, while Sacramento County currently has about 11.6 months of unsold inventory, Placer County has a "low" 9.45 months.  This is still well above the traditional 6 month cut off that constitutes a buyer's market, so this is a difference in degree. 
Also, in Placer the average sold price per square foot has held up better than in Sacramento County … (0 comments)

real estate market: Gold River Real Estate - 11/06/07 10:44 AM
The real estate market in Gold River in October shows how highly localized real estate markets are.  Gold River is doing quite a bit better than the areas around it.
To take one example, overall in Sacramento County in Octber, over one third of the homes that sold were REOs ("bank repos").  But in Gold River, on the other hand, none of October's sales were REOs.  In fact, no foreclosures have sold all year in Gold River, or last year either.  However there are two foreclosures currently in inventory — this is 5% of the inventory, compared to approximately 20% … (0 comments)

real estate market: El Dorado County Real Estate Statistics - 10/02/07 06:26 AM
On our El Dorado and Amador County real estate blog, I've posted the latest update on the El Dorado County real estate market.
Unit volume throughout the area was down for September, but in El Dorado County at least, it looks like this was a temporary lull, since the pendings look good.
I'll have to do a similar check for Sacramento County here shortly.
I also ran some longer term charts that I'll be publishing over the next few days that show it's pretty hard to characterize the market there unilaterally.  Yes, things were going up in general in 2004, and things are coming … (0 comments)

real estate market: Placer County Real Estate Market - 09/24/07 10:06 AM
I've put together a couple of articles recently on the real estate market in Placer County. Actually, I should say I put together an article and a video of me being a Lockwood talking head, using our new BrokerCam(tm).
(The story behind the BrokerCam is I really wanted a nice Web Cam, so now I'm a hundred bucks broker).
Anyway, be that as it may, here's our update for the Placer County real estate market, August, 2007.
The talking head version deals with one of Placer's major metropolitan areas, Roseville.

real estate market: El Dorado County Real Estate Market Update - 09/21/07 02:52 AM
We recently posted our El Dorado County Real Estate Market Update for August, 2006.
As we've noted earlier, inventory tends to be a month or two higher in El Dorado County than Sacramento County.  Right now we're at just under a year.
Prices are finally coming down more and more.  For the longest time it seemed like El Dorado wasn't losing as much ground on price as other areas, but that's starting to be less and less true.   Of course compared to Sacramento County, the averages are still high.
We're beginning to see a few foreclosures being listed and sold in El Dorado County … (0 comments)

real estate market: Sacramento Real Estate Market -- Bulls, Bears, and Shapeshifters - 08/19/07 07:44 AM
Back in the early stages of the nationwide and Sacramento real estate market correction (or, depending on your point of view:  "downturn", "collapse", or "debacle"), a few of the folks who read the bubble blogs chided me for being too bullish on the market.  At the time I argued with some success that I wasn't being bullish, I just wasn't joining them in the bubble-bear's picnic (much as I enjoyed the song of a similar name).
What I did at the time, and what I still do, is publish the numbers.  When the numbers drop, I said they dropped (whereas a … (5 comments)

real estate market: May 2007 Market Update for Amador County Real Estate - 06/11/07 03:01 PM
Elite Properties recently posted our Market Update for Amador County, California on our Amador County Real Estate Blog.
The real estate market in Amador County slowed significantly from the same time last year, with inventory extremely high compared to other nearby Northern California Counties.
Real estate sales in May of 2007 remained slow compared to last year, with falling prices and rising inventory. Forty-five homes sold this May, down 18% from last year’s 55 units sold in May.
The average home listed for $395,029, and sold for $379,828, or 96% of list. This number is consistent with last year, and as … (0 comments)

real estate market: Sacramento Real Estate Market Update - 06/10/07 06:32 PM
Elite Properties posted our May, 2007 Sacramento County Real Estate Market Update on Saturday on our Sacramento Real Estate Blog.
Sacramento’s real estate prices continued their slow steady fall in May. (I say slow compared to the pre 2004 climb — a bubble blogger might argue it differently, and that’s fine). The average home in Sacramento County that sold through the MLS in May fetched $375,529, down 7% from last May’s average of $403,945. The median sale price was $340,000, down 6.8% from last May’s median of $365,000. Meantime this priced fetched a slightly larger home than last year, pushing the … (0 comments)

real estate market: El Dorado County Real Estate Market Report, May 2007 - 06/10/07 04:57 PM
Elite Properties has published its El Dorado County Market Report for May of 2007 on our Amador and El Dorado County Real Estate blog. Once again, we continue to be impressed by how resilient El Dorado is to the changes in price that are happening more dramatically all around it.
As we reported there:
As we’ve seen over the last several months, El Dorado County’s real estate market continued to put in a strong showing, with only very small declines in price and slight changes in other market areas compared to Sacramento County to the west, Placer County to the North, or Amador … (0 comments)

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