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Just as I recovered from a nasty winter cold the other day we were slammed with yet another snow storm.  There was at least another foot of snow to shovel out of my driveway and walkways with almost no where left to put it.  Like all my neighbors I was out as soon as the snow had stopped falling ...
Earlier this week a very dear old friend whose husband had recently passed away called and asked me for a favor.  I was happy to help her in anyway I could since she and her husband had always been very generous with their kindness to me and my former partner.  My friend inquired if I knew of a g...
While shoveling out from the latest snowstorm the other day I received a voice mail message from a former listing client.  My client due to a work transfer moved to another state several years ago just prior to the collapse of the market. We tried like heck to sell her property but the mortgage ...
I received a frantic phone call the other day from a friend who is an agent at another agency here in town.  My friend had just had a very contentious phone conversation with a listing client who doesn't understand why their house is getting no showings.  In our phone conversation I reminded my f...
Over this past hectic week of Holidays and a Blizzard I've pondered what event will pop up as a Pay It Forward moment to write about.  There was gift giving, phone calls, shoveling snow all tossed into this past week, but what strikes me the most and leaves me with the warm and fuzzys is an encou...

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