ventura county: Out With The Old; In With The New? - 01/02/10 03:03 AM
If you dislike reading and looking at statistical charts you may want to pass on this article present in  However if charts are not disturbing then you will get an enlightning picture of Ventura County real estate for the immediate period (2009) as well as for the last 16 years (1994 through 2009).
Charts are used extensively because more information can be presented in a limited space.
The Ventura County real estate market has been choppy over the last year due in large part to foreclosures and the reverse of buyer credit.
Words however do not tell the story.  The … (0 comments)

ventura county: Getting Lets????? Maybe! - 11/04/09 01:29 AM
It is too early to say that the trend in real estate is up.  Since March, 2009 it has been basically sideways.  The October uptick may suggest that despite the local and national economic woes real estate may do its own thing.
The September, 2009 down tick may have been a hic-cup in the overall trend but it does suggest that one be cautious before reading anything into the market.  It may have been a warning.  
Even with the warning one would expect that with high unemployment; lack of new job creation; new taxes on the horizon both Federal and State; the increase in State … (0 comments)

ventura county: Real Estate Is Starting To Sparkel To….. - 07/05/09 06:49 AM
We are celebrating our 4th of July and many of us witnessed the sparkles in the night sky to remind us of our Country's birthday.
As with the Country's birthday real estate is now showing signs of sparkles as well.
Not with the dazzle of what we saw in the night sky on the 4th.  It is somewhat more mute in the market place but the amber's are there and when this side-way activity is complete there will a significant acceleration upward in home prices.
Items contributing to this price acceleration will include:
1.  Of course there is the pent up demand … (0 comments)

ventura county: The Elephant Is Moving..... - 06/28/09 05:21 AM
As noted in this blog over the last several months prices are starting to creep upward.  Nothing  dynamic but the prices are solidifying the base that has been in effect since November, 2008. 
There will be some sideways but the worse is over.  In fact it has been reported recently that appreciation in Ventura County stands at 5.8% since the beginning of the year.  You will note on the chart above that one should expect an 8.7% increase for 2009.  In 2010 the appreciation will increase to 17.9%.
The two things needed for the real estate market to really explode upward are new job creation … (5 comments)

ventura county: There Are Bigger Things To.... - 06/07/09 08:35 AM
Every once in awhile it is time to get some perspective.  This photo from MSN puts things into some context.
There are bigger things for us to see, investigate and challenge.  Life here on Earth is great; out there who knows!  But we will go and find out.  Why?  We are humans and it is in our bones (oops! our DNA) to face up to challenges.
My musing for the week.  Lao-tzu who lived 2,500 years ago wrote "Every human being's essential nature is perfect and faultless, but after years of immersion in the world we easily forget our roots and take on a … (2 comments)

ventura county: - 08/10/08 02:35 PM
The above chart shows the completion of the last real estate cycle with the bottom occurring around June, 2008.  There can be some residual downside but for the most part the bottom has been set for Ventura County.
The next cycle has already started and based on data from Ed's Forecast for the next five years and my own interpretation for the following years after thru the year 2022, Ventura County is going to do very well.If economic events do as they have done in the......
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ventura county: what-the-rich-think-of-real-estate - 08/02/08 05:22 AM
A recent survey was conducted by Coldwell Banker of affluent homeowners focus.
This survey consisted of 305 U.S. homeowners whose primary residence were valued over $ 1,000,000 ($2,000,000 in California) and who have investable assets of more than $ 1,000,000.  The average annual income of respondents was $ 754,000.
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ventura county:'s-for-week-ending-july-19-2008/ - 07/20/08 04:02 AM
The County experienced a further decline in listings (see chart below); home sales as expected decreased (it is summer); days on the market for sold homes increased; and properties selling for $ 500,000 or less are moving the fastest.
Quite unsettling are the guru's who tell us how to handle money.  They are finding themselves knee deep in alligators.
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ventura county: - 07/15/08 09:38 AM
Ventura County, California -July 15, 2008 - John Duffner,real estate broker associated with Rushing Real Estate and Investments, Inc. located in Santa Paula was recently awarded the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) Designation from The Luxury Home Council. 
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ventura county: - 07/15/08 09:34 AM
Ventura County, California -July 15, 2008 - John Duffner,real estate broker associated with Rushing Real Estate and Investments, Inc. located in Santa Paula was recently awarded the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) Designation from The Luxury Home Council. 
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ventura county: - 07/04/08 07:39 AM
This summer (or any day for that matter) we will go to the beach for a fun time in the water and sun.
But one has to be vigilant, especially if you have young children accompanying you to the beach. 
Rip currents; sting rays and hitting the bottom after a wave hit can be trying moments.
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ventura county: - 07/02/08 02:52 AM
The County of Ventura has announced the official launch of the REVERSE 911® Interactive Community Notification System.  The system may be used to deliver alerts when there is a threat to the health or safety of residents in the cities of Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Santa Paula, and the unincorporated areas of Ventura CountyREVERSE 911® is an outbound notification system used for time-sensitive, mass distribution of emergency messages.  The system is particularly effective in times of crisis when rapid communication to a targeted group of citizens or emergency responders is critical.   Citizens may be given information regarding evacuation … (0 comments)

ventura county: - 06/29/08 05:52 AM
Let me leave you with a mid-year, 6 months comparison between 2007 and 2008 of Ventura County.
For 2007 (January 1 thru June 29)  there were 3,529 homes that had sold; the average list price for sold homes averaged $ 722,009; the homes sales price averaged $ 699,077 for a variance of 3.3%.  These sold homes were on the market for an average of 76 days.
For 2008 (January 1 thru June 28) there have been 2828 homes sold (a decrease of 25% for similar period in 2007).  The average listing price for sold homes this year for this period was $ 703,304 (about the same as 2007).  The average sales … (0 comments)

ventura county: if-your-personal-id-can-be-stolen-why-not-your-home/ - 06/22/08 08:52 AM
It was reported in the Sunday Los Angeles Times (June 22, 2008:  author-Lew Sichelman) that homes and home equity are being stolen by identity thieves.
It appears that one goes hand in hand with the other.  If a person can steal your identity why can't they steal your home.
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ventura county: Is $ 5 or $ 10/ Gallon Gasoline Going To Kill Real Estate In Ventura County? Or Any Other Place? - 05/25/08 01:49 PM
Gasoline at $ 5 per gallon?  You have to be kidding!
What! $ 10 per gallon must be plain nuts!
Well I was surprise to see gasoline pass the $ 4.00 mark and there is nothing to suggest that it will not go to $ 5.  Ten $ may be a stretch but if we don't get our act together that will be reached in a blink of an eye.
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