home inspection: 3 Tips to Set Yourself Apart - 03/08/15 11:09 AM

What makes you different?  What sets you apart from your competition?
For us at OPiS - Business Differentiation means our OPiS Photo CD and OPiS Peace of Mind Tour...
OPiS inspectors document the condition of the home by literally taking hundreds of digital photos throughout the inspection (average sized home usually will have well over  1,000 pictures taken).  We call this our OPiS Photo CD.  These pictures are then burned on a CD and given to the home buyer if they are in attendance.  THIS is business differentiation because no other home inspection company markets this!
NOTICE - I said "markets this"!

home inspection: How to Keep Your Home Lead-Safe Even if There is Lead-Based Paint - 03/05/15 11:48 AM

For those of you who sell a lot of existing homes built before 1978 - AND especially built before 1950 - This should help to give you some good pointers about the OFTEN MIS-UNDERSTOOD topic of lead-based paint.
Homes that may have lead-based paint can be kept safe from lead exposure.
The KEY to Lead Paint Safety is eliminating exposure.
Minimize conditions that allow exposure.
Usually children are exposed to lead-containing dust which are very small particles of paint chips from:
Deteriorating/Peeling paint Lead-containing paint that is on friction/impact surfaces Renovation work that is creating dust from surfaces that contain lead-based … (9 comments)

home inspection: "They Wrote An Offer On Another Home" Is Actually Good News! - 03/04/15 09:33 AM

I thought this post from Liz and Bill Spear had some great ways to look a "They Wrote An Offer On Another Home"...quick read!
"They Wrote An Offer On Another Home" Is Actually Good News!
At first glance, that feedback from the buyer's agent stings when you first get it.  They didn't love YOUR home, but fell in love with another home!  You had your home immaculate, baked some fresh cookies and packed up the dog and headed to the park so the buyers could freely explore your home.  While it's not the news any of us wanted, there is actually a silver … (12 comments)

home inspection: Calling All Sellers, It's Home Inspection Time! - 02/19/15 01:07 AM
As the owner of a home inspection company, I am amazed that this is not done more often!  There are many advantages for the seller to invest in this ahead of time!  
Calling All Sellers, It’s Home Inspection Time!
Many times a home inspection is thought of as something that takes place after an offer is made and accepted, and before the closing. Whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market, many savvy homeowners are choosing to have pre-listed home inspections done BEFORE putting their homes on the market. After all, a home inspection benefits sellers, buyers, and … (2 comments)

home inspection: Creating Peace of Mind - 02/18/15 12:48 PM
Today we finally performed an inspection of a $600K home that was not for sale.
The buyer called us and told me that they knew the people that owned the house before the current owner and they actually had their wedding reception at this home.  He and his bride said that one day they would own the home.
Well - I spoke several times with the buyer on the phone about the home and he was very concerned about the condition.  He said that the current owner had not taken care of the property and that it was a mess.  He … (6 comments)

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