interest rates: Interest Rates - 05/26/10 08:48 AM
Interest rates have fallen again!  4 5/8% on a 30 year fixed rate!  We have been so busy lately with the stimulus money expiring that I haven't sent a tip for nearly 2 months.  We were concerned about home sales falling, but thank goodness interest rates fell instead.  If you want to buy or sell, now may be the opportune time, however if you are staying put you may need to consider refinancing.  Call me for reputable lenders.  Don't be tempted to use a lender you find on the internet, or you'll most likely not be happy with the result.

interest rates: Interest Rates - 11/20/09 05:40 AM
Interest rates just keep getting better.  About 6 months ago I had forecast 7% rates by Christmas.  I'm pleased to say...I was wrong.  I may have missed the timing, but I'm still forecasting rates climbing in the not too distant future.  If you are planning on buying, selling or refinancing now is the time.  Call if you need a good lender.  I endorse Market Mortgage and Colony Mortgage.  This week a 30 year loan was 4.75% and a 15 year loan was 4.25%.   Time to lock in these rates!

interest rates: 2Buy or 2Wait - 09/21/09 03:50 AM
Someone asked me this week, "Should I buy now, or wait till spring and hope home prices drop another 10%?  Here's my answer.
If you could control interest rates, unemployment, layoffs, factory closings, terrorist attacks, tax laws, etc etc. then you could wait and take the chance. Problem is, there are so many variables that affect the cost that you can't take the chance.   Here's something to think about.  A $300,000 house purchased today with a 5.5% loan will actually cost less than a $270,000 house purchased with a 6.5% loan.  The chances are greater that interest will go up 1% … (1 comments)

interest rates: Will Your Home Sell? - 04/29/09 07:09 AM
First time buyer market is hot!  The $8000 stimulus money coupled with the MCC (Mortgage Credit Certificate) has served to overheat this price segment.  It seems like everyone who qualifies as a first time buyer (hasn't owned for 3 years) is in the they should be.  Anyone who can afford to buy...should!
Move up market doing well.   It seems like homes that are beyond the typical first time buyer ($200k-$400k) are still selling pretty well.  In central Ohio, FHA loan limit is $341,250 and VA limit is $417,000, which helps this price segment.     
The executive home market ($400k-$600k) is still slow.  In all but … (0 comments)

interest rates: BULLETIN: 5.5% loans - 12/03/08 01:54 AM
Interest Rates have dropped to 5.5% on a 30 year fixed loan! The lowest since last February.  The P&I payment on $200,000 at 5.5% saves $128.56 per month compared to 6.5%.
another way to look at this is your same payment now buys $20,000 more house!
now is the time to buy... unless you are a real optimist and think rates will come on down further!  
Despite what you've heard there are still loans available to qualified borrowers.  There is still a first time homebuyer tax credit of up to $7500. 

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