stock market: Deal or No Deal: Wills there be a SUITCASEwith $700,000,000,000 In It? - 09/29/08 07:47 AM
Markets are free markets--they do what they do. Tomorrow, we could be up 600 points. Traders and speculators are having a field day as they take advantage of all of the emotion. If you don't know, the markets are driven by two major things: Fear (of Loss) and Greed ( for gain) pension funds, holders of massive amounts of stock can (and do)  unload stocks. The prices go down! The average joe sees his stocks value lumetting. What wiil he do? He'll sell it. Those sharres move into the hands of traders who are willing to pick up "joe's shares at … (1 comments)

stock market: Builder Stocks-Portfolio Update - 09/22/08 03:16 AM
Peek into the future. What is the market telling us. This morning there are people who are buying stock. Or if you're negative, you can say people are putting their money under their mattresses.
Expect volatility but soon this market will be oversold. In spite of this, our builders' portfolio is ahead--remember this is a paper trading portfolio.
I sold Orleans Home Builders and did not replace it yet. We're up 9.63 % as of last Friday.  
Yes, the problems are mountains to climb. But we can choose to look down on the valley or up to the mountaintop there … (1 comments)

stock market: Fortune Telling: Builders'Portfolio Update as of Market Close 9-8-08 - 09/09/08 06:31 AM
Two Companies reported earnings in our portfolio on Sep 3rd:
Reuters reported that "Hovnanian Enterprises Inc's (HOV) results were far worse than Wall Street expected, while Toll Brothers Inc's (TOL) loss was half what analysts had anticipated."
Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. is holding  a Homebuilding Symposium on Sept 22, Pulte--the Builder- Developer for Sun City Hilton Head , Meritage homes  and others will make presentations.
We started our paper trading builders's portfolion as of 8/29/08 (We are not giving investing advice.)
This portfolio was up by 11.25 % at Friday's close.
Here's where we are as of 2:20 PM today … (0 comments)

stock market: Fortune Tellers: Builders Stock Portfolio - 09/02/08 01:57 AM
As a follow up to the last post here is the model protfolio-Prices are those from August 29, 2008
Earnings Reports for the thrid quarter are scheduled for Pulte, on Sept 3rd Hovnanian and Toll Brothers on Sept 4th. Let's see what the  stock market genie will reveal in the days ahead.


stock market: Builder Stocks As Fortune Tellers - 09/01/08 10:32 AM

Is now the time to Buy Builder's Stock? (Buy a home?) (Get on with life?)
Pulte Homes Inc is the Builder for Sun City Hilton Head. I've been watching this stock for several weeks now. People are buying it and other Builder stocks as well. 
 I'll give you a list at the end of this post of the top ten.
 Pulte Stock Performance

Below is a 5 year chart on a month to month basis. This stock is establishing a base and is trading in a $10-15 dollar range.
I think this stock along with other builders is being quietly … (2 comments)

stock market: THE BAD NEWS BEARS Love, LOVE, Love BAD NEWS - 01/22/08 08:23 AM
CNN HEADLINEStocks down at end of rocky ride --Wall Street cuts losses, but still ends lower as investors worry about the global economy. Emergency interest rate cut provides little support.
"Stocks tumbled at the open on worries that the United States is headed for a recession, if it isn't already in one, amid the credit and housing market crisis." (CNN)
A wild ride, indeed! if there isn't enough bad news the press will do all they can to make you believe that things appear WORSE than they seem
  Here are the one day charts...

 Just the FACTS JACK!
 The Dow Jones industrial average (INDU) lost about … (7 comments)

stock market: FEAR, GREED & REASON - 01/22/08 01:24 AM
 FEAR: "One of the worst opens on record." ( Maria Bartoromo, CNBC 9:20 AM January 22, 2008)
GREED: FLASH FROM "CNBC" TALKING HEAD--Now would be a great time to buy financials (DUUUH)
Historic Chart of the Market
You are an intelligent person. What does this chart tell you? It tells me that historically that the markets go UP and UP.  A 5% loss in a market at say 12,000 is 600 Points. A 600 point loss in a market that trades at 2500 (1994) is far more significant then that same 600 points today.
From 1994 until 2001 I was a day … (4 comments)

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