blogging: How to get to Page one of Google! - 01/23/15 05:23 AM
  How To Rank your Real Estate blog on Google In my previous blogs we have talked about the following titles:
Should I do a Real Estate Blog
4 things to consider when doing your Real Estate Blog
How to Format your Real Estate Blog
You can click on the links and go back and read them. If you just follow those steps, you have a good chance to rank on Google. But what I am going to tell you next, will take you to the next level.

Have you ever heard of the term “backlink”? It is … (2 comments)

blogging: How to Format your Real Estate Blog - 01/23/15 01:53 AM
Simple Real Estate Blog Structure for Lead Generation This is part 3 in the Real Estate Blogging Series. In the last blog we went over the 4 principles to consider before you blog. Now that you know which niche area you want to generate leads from, lets talk about how to structure the blog so that it is easy and automatic. One thing we don’t want to do when blogging 3 times a week is over think what we are doing. So we keep it simple. The first thing we do is find a property that fits our niche. I am … (5 comments)

blogging: 4 Things to consider when writing a Real Estate Blog - 01/23/15 01:49 AM
Real Estate Blog Rules This is the second in a multi part series on real estate blogging. Go here to see the introduction: Intro to real estate blogging. Before you start blogging, take some serious time to determine who your target audience is going to be. Which niche do you want to receive leads from.
First, what is your goal for blogging? My goal was to have my website appear on page one of Google. If I get to page one, then I will receive real estate leads, based on how my blog interacts with my website. I hope this is … (3 comments)

blogging: Should I do a Real Estate Blog? - 01/22/15 11:27 PM
Using a Real Estate Blog for Generating Leads
I am often asked by real estate agents I am training, “Does Blogging work?” Well the simple answer is yes, it does work. Then I ask them how long before they think they will receive leads from blogging. The answer here varies, but is usually way too hopeful. They tell me a few weeks to a few months, some even look at me somewhat confused and say, “ Immediately? “
I do not want anyone to have misgivings about blogging. You will not receive leads immediately. Depending on who your target market … (5 comments)

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