94501: Alameda Home Sales Drop in November - 12/03/09 05:10 AM
After a strong three months of home sales Alameda saw a buying drop 48 percent in November. The positive is we saw a couple or additional sales over November of last year.For the month, Alameda had 34 properties change hands. The best news for home sellers was 16 of the 34 properties sold above the list price. This is a big change in how buyers are reacting in the Alameda real estate market. On average homes are selling right at list price.One reason for the shift is the decline in both the median and average sale price for November. The median … (0 comments)

94501: Looking at Alameda Housing Compared to the Region - 12/02/09 07:34 AM
Seeing that inventory has dropped in Alameda over the past several weeks I thought it was important to show how the region is performing over the past several months.The SF Bay Area has seen a drop every month for the past 12 months. In November of 2008 the region had 30,668 homes for sale a year later the inventory has fallen to below 15,000 units. It is almost a 28 percent drop in 12 months. From October to November of this year, inventory dropped 2.42 percent for the Bay Area.
For the full post see: http://94501realestate.blogspot.com/2009/12/looking-at-alameda-housing-compared-to.html

94501: "A" Bonus fo Alameda - 03/11/09 04:49 AM
I was able to watch the Planning Board meeting yesterday, and for someone that is interested in Real Estate and home construction the discussion over the Density Bonus Ordinance was fascinating stuff. Action on the item was continued to the next meeting but here are the highlights.
John Biggs gave the staff report and what I got out of it was the following:
This is an incentive to provide low to moderate income units. Types of project: New residential, Mix-used with 5 or more units, renovation of existing multi-family units with at least five units that increase the number of … (0 comments)

94501: The Many Are Not Here - 02/24/09 05:36 AM

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I have purposefully held off on writing about the Federal Government’s new “Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan” until I had a chance to read all the information and understand how it would impact our fair Island.
As details of the plan came out, I did not hold out much hope that it would do anything for Alameda homeowners. Now that I have a chance to review the fine points of the plan it is proving to be true.
Carolyn Said, a very good real estate writer, over at the … (0 comments)

94501: Grand New Homes - 01/21/09 08:26 AM

Yesterday was an amazing day in terms of people viewing and following the inauguration events and festivities. I know that my Internet access was very slow yesterday do to the volume of people clicking and streaming to follow the day’s events. Here at 94501 Real Estate it is time to get back to looking at how housing in Alameda is holding up and what the future may hold.
Lost in the news yesterday, New Home Builders gathered in Las Vegas to get a handle on direction that segment of the housing market and where it will head in 2009. Frankly, … (0 comments)

94501: New Inventory hits the Alameda Market - 01/19/09 07:46 AM
Thursday to Friday evening was a busy day for Alameda real estate with six new listings coming on the market. Four of the properties were single family residences and the other two were multi-family. Prices ranged from $479,900 to $800,000, and all of the new listings were in the 94501. On Sunday, a property was added to the inventory in 94502. A little concerning is nearly half of the seven listed properties from the Thursday to Sunday are distressed. A home, 8 Ferro Court and a duplex, 518 Taylor are foreclosures. Adding to the distressed list is a short sale, this … (0 comments)

94501: Alameda Sales Data for 2008 - 12/23/08 07:14 AM
With the month and year coming to a rapid close I thought I would take a look at Alameda sales for the year. You can see that 2008 started slow and picked up pace in April and peaked in July. This is a typical pattern for sales. But from the Summer on, as the mortgage crisis built, the second half of the yearsaw a continuing decline in sales, the only anomaly was October. I also wanted to take a look at median home sale price verses average home sale price. The data looks very similar with the average not been much … (0 comments)

94501: The Island is Flat - 12/22/08 09:20 AM
On Friday, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that home values have plummeted to an eight year low to a median home price of $350,000 down 47.8%. It is obvious to say that that is a huge decline, but here in Alameda it appears that the market has held up well over the last year.
I took a look at the Average Listing Price on Island in 2007 verses 2008, and it shows that prices that sellers are asking are slightly down, but overall fairly flat. The main Island saw a 5% decline in the asking price. The average of the actual … (0 comments)

94501: Percent of Change in Alameda Real Estate - 12/15/08 05:26 AM
Lots of Real Estate numbers for you today. The first set is from the SF Gate, reporting sales in the month of October and comparing percent of change in the average price of home sales. It appears Bay Farm/Harbor Bay is taking a bigger hit on pricing compared to the 94501.
After seeing these I was curious what the November numbers are: So, I created my version of the report for the past month. I looked at both 2007 and 2008 so we would have a year-over-year comparison. Again it showed that the 94502 was taking hit with lower list and sales … (0 comments)

94501: Alameda Snapshot - 12/05/08 09:26 AM
Last week, I posted a home that was for sale that was listed on Alameda's list of Monuments. I was intrigued by list so I looked up the list on the City Website and then spent the afternoon shooting 23 of 24. One of the properties has been demolished. The Webster House is the most interesting home on the list. This is a Bed and Breakfast on Versailles and according to their website is #22 on the list and is Alameda's oldest home. This home dates back to the year a portion of Alameda was incorporated. I was surprised by how … (0 comments)


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