live in bend oregon: Great Listing in SE Bend - 03/18/09 10:29 AM
Click Here To Experience The Central Oregon Lifestyle:

This home is a short sale at this price and subject to third party negotiations. Located just minutes from Bend's Old Mill District and Downtown, the Deschutes River, Schools, Restaurants, parks and mountain trails.

Call anytime to schedule your private showing.


See you around the Bend...... … (0 comments)

live in bend oregon: 4. Look at Homes - 10/16/07 10:05 AM
Ok, here is the 4th step out of the 10 buyers guide to home ownership. This article and more can be found on You can also check it out at

10 Steps to Home Ownership!

Step 4 of 10

"Some 6 million new and existing homes are sold each year. There's no shortage of housing options, but with so many choices the challenge becomes finding the property which best meets your needs.

The housing market is complicated because the stock of homes for sale is always in flux. If it were … (0 comments)

live in bend oregon: 3. Get Loan Preapproval - 10/05/07 10:26 AM
10 Steps to Home Ownership!
Step 3 of 10

Ok, this step is one of the most important for a home buyer who needs to use financing for their home purchase. And really only a small percentage of home buyers can actually afford to pay for a home with all cash. I am not surprised this is listed as # 3 out of ten. In fact I met with some new clients today that are on this step. They were a referral to me so they have made it through the first 2 steps. Before I would agree … (0 comments)

live in bend oregon: 2. Get a REALTOR® - 09/27/07 05:53 AM
10 Steps to Home Ownership!
Step 2 of 10

This article is from a 10 step series found on For first time home buyers or those who haven't bought real property for some time.

"More than 2 million people in the United States have earned real estate licenses. However, real estate is a tough business with a steep dropout rate, and the result is that only a small percentage of those with licenses actively help buyers and sellers.

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) includes 1 million brokers and salespeople, individuals bound together … (0 comments)

live in bend oregon: The Right to Dry: A Green Movement Is Roiling America - 09/20/07 10:51 AM
This is a humorous front page article from the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday about Bend.

Clothesline Has Neighbors Bent Out of Shape in Bend; An Illegal Solar Device?

By ANNE MARIE CHAKER September 18, 2007; Page A1

BEND, Ore. -- It was a sunny, 70-degree day here in Awbrey Butte, an exclusive neighborhood of big, modern houses surrounded by native pines.

To Susan Taylor, it was a perfect time to hang her laundry out to dry. The 55-year-old mother and part-time nurse strung a clothesline to a tree in her backyard, … (6 comments)

live in bend oregon: Are You Ready? - 09/18/07 06:47 AM
I was on com earlier today and found this very informative 10 step buyer's guide to home ownership. You can find all 10 steps on, or you can come back to each week to read the next step. You can also visit my website at
to read each step. Either way you choose, these articles are a great foundation to begining your home buying research.

10 Steps to Home Ownership!
Systematic steps to help you buy your home

"The home-buying process doesn't need to be scary. Our … (0 comments)

live in bend oregon: What Green Building Means - 08/29/07 07:35 AM
This is an interesting article for many reasons but for me it's mainly because we are experiencing a movement to green building. The last few years have really seen a large number of builders specializing in new green building techniques. Please read on to learn a small part of this new conscious movement.

"There's a lot of talk in real estate about green building lately, but the phrase is still a little vague. Here's a guide to understanding a few key terms, so you can investigate whether or not a potential home is truly eco-friendly.

Insulation and … (2 comments)

live in bend oregon: Pay Your Brokers Well - 08/24/07 12:00 PM
I am sure most of you have had the pleasure of reading the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" sometime in your life/career. I have just finished the book and came away with many new perspectives on investing, personal finances, assets and liabilities, and minding my own business.

Here is a short bit from chapter nine on why Robert Kiyosaki believes in paying his brokers well.

"The power of good advice. I often see people posting a sign in front of their house that says, "For Sale by Owner." Or I see on TV today many people claiming … (3 comments)

live in bend oregon: The Potential Effects of the DOJ vs. NAR lawsuit on REALTOR® - 08/16/07 09:09 AM
I receive the Broker Agent News every week via email and read most of the headline articles. This one is very interesting, especially because I am an active Broker and real estate is my livelyhood. This can potentially hit home for most of us in the bsuiness. Along with the way the mortgage industry is currently taking a dive the combined affects could be disasterous. Please read on........

" In back offices of major real estate companies all across the country, REALTORS® are talking about the DOJ lawsuit and the potential consequences it may have on the �traditional' … (0 comments)

live in bend oregon: Does your investment property still measure up? - 04/30/07 06:39 AM
The purpose of this article is to give a friendly whack upside the head to people who own rental property.  You probably made a good investment when you first bought the property.  But have you owned it too long?
Depending on how long you've held your property, it might not be a good investment anymore.  I didn't say not a good property; I said not a good investment.  Read on to find a simple way to determine if your property is still measuring up.  You may be in for a surprise!
First, let's quickly review the four financial benefits of owning investment real … (6 comments)

live in bend oregon: Have You Hugged Your Realtor Today? - 03/29/07 11:00 AM
Realtors are not only the least understood, but also quite possibly the least sane of all professionals.  What other professional would work for months, sometimes years with no guarantee of receiving a paycheck?  Sounds a little crazy doesn't it?  What are the chances that you'd be willing to do this?
Surprisingly enough, Realtors get paid only when the seller accepts an offer and the transaction actually closes, not a moment before.  By the time they have paid for all promotional materials, advertisements, postage and gas, at the very least.  They have given up their weekends to conduct open houses and show properties … (4 comments)


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