havertown real estate: (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Social Media in Real Estate - 03/02/11 04:09 PM
If you have to take a class to use Social Media you don't get Social Media.  I recently had my chops busted by our "Social Media" guru for our company.  The funny part is I wasn't even there to get my chops busted.  That's what makes it great!  My office is one of 18 offices in the Century 21 Alliance company.  We have a training center for all 18 offices that is run by our "guru", who is also one of the brokers.  To give her credit she has embraced social media for the business which I think is important but … (14 comments)

havertown real estate: Check Out My Homemade WebSite! - 10/17/10 02:55 PM
My commitment to a more personal and unique website finally has me putting it together myself.  I have it linked to HavertownRealty.com and called it Your Havertown Realtor.  I still pay for a website that most of the people in my company use made by Birdview, JohnRyanHomes.com.  No offense to Birdview, who has put together a great client management system if all you are going to use is their website, but it's kind of boring.  I'm thinking that a website should be more personal as we are hired for our unique personalities.  I have put together this website with my MacBook … (3 comments)

havertown real estate: 20 THOUSAND DOLLAR REDUCTION! - 10/06/10 11:28 AM

havertown real estate: Havertown Twin Move in Ready! - 09/29/10 04:15 AM

havertown real estate: The Correction Continues......Slowly. - 07/28/10 11:21 AM
      So spring is over, the summer is here and the inventory is through the roof.  Pricing?   Not a clue anymore.       This "buyers" market is maddening in the fact that there are no buyers.  Now you may say, "That's what makes a buyers market.", lots of sellers with minimal buyer's gives the buyers control over the market.  Well they have control but they're so few and far between that it seems that they are not around.  I have fought for every sale this month and with a buyer and a seller I put two homes … (1 comments)

havertown real estate: Show Me The Buyers! - 07/12/10 01:02 AM

     I hate to say it, but,  "Here comes another Real Estate Slump!"        I know, I know, be positive, put a good spin on it and all will come around.  As I mentioned before in my analysis of the recently ended tax credit we have not increased buyers but hurried some of them up.  Mortgage rates are still incredibly low and there is plenty of inventory so why don't we see a lot of sales.  The long and short of it is there aren't as many qualified buyers.  Our feeding frenzy of consumerism over the last decade … (5 comments)

havertown real estate: Havertown Twin Move in Ready! - 06/20/10 03:41 AM
Looking for a nice starter home in Havertown? This twin in the Manoa section is ready for you to call it home!

havertown real estate: Heritage Festival in Havertown - 06/04/10 06:16 AM
This Sunday along the beautiful Karakung Drive in Havertown the community and Historical society will be celebrating Heritage Day.  This once a year event has great music, great vendors(including some local microbreweries) and is really just a great time out celebrating and sharing the History of Havertown.  Check out this video from last years event and make sure you make it down at some point during the day.
DATE:    Sunday, June 6, 2010TIME:    11:00 AM - 4:00 PMWHERE:    Nitre Hallalong Karakung DriveHavertown, PA
HTHS Heritage Fest 2009 from Matthew Kaufhold on Vimeo.

havertown real estate: Ranch Rehab Ready for Open House in Merion Golf, Havertown - 06/04/10 01:05 AM
Another fine Rehab done in Havertown!!!!  This Sunday 1-4 I will be sitting an Open House on 217 Ellis Road.  A hard to find Ranch impeccably done by Sposato Builders.  Nothing left to do but move in.  This home has had the t's crossed and i's dotted this week and a once empty estate that sat for years is now ready to be lived in.  Everything is new, you would be wise to compare this with NEW CONSTRUCTION IN HAVERTOWN without the NEW CONSTRUCTION taxes.  Brought to you by your
New Construction Havertown Realtor.

havertown real estate: New Construction In Havertown, 48 Peach Lane First Open Next Week! - 04/17/10 12:44 AM
One of the New Constructions I have listed in Havertown is having it first Open House next Sunday April 25th.  This is 5 days before you need to have an offer signed to qualify for the tax credit, or you could give me a shout and see it now, the hardwoods are going in on the first floor this weekend and the Kitchen is almost set with the granite templated and arriving this week.  Check out some of the pictures in the postlet below.  Also checkout my YouTube page for videos during construction.  I enjoy following a building project and snap lots … (0 comments)

havertown real estate: Havertown Real Estate Today!!!!Tax Credit Countdown. - 04/09/10 04:58 AM
How's the Real Estate market in Havertown? Very good.     After carrying a lot of inventory for the past year we have already seen new and fresh listings selling very quick and now.... I'm seeing some of those "dogs" that have been "slightly overpriced" and "slightly underdone" start to move.  The consumer is finally seeing the market as improving and here in Havertown Real Estate prices have stabilized on homes that need work and the nicely done homes are seeing increased value.  That being said, there are great values for either and the time is ripe!!!  If you are even … (1 comments)

havertown real estate: Easter Flowers in Havertown - 04/04/10 06:49 AM
Was running last minute errands in Havertown today for Easter and was on my way home when I drove by 1000 Weller, which is at the corner of Manoa.  On the most beautiful Easter I could remember in a decade.  On this corner the family who lives there sells beautiful Tulips, Roses, Lilies, etc.  Such a pretty scene I had to stop and buy the tall purple tulips that caught my eye.

Here are the ones I took home!!!!

You can find great local Havertown, PA real estate information on Localism.com John Ryan is a proud member … (1 comments)

havertown real estate: Great Photographer in Havertown - 03/28/10 02:48 PM
Recently had my photo redone for business.  First time in five years.  I like to think that I haven't changed that much in that time but....... The last time I had a shot done was at the company Christmas party.  The photographer that did our yearly group shot hung out after wards and did agent pictures for $25.00.  Pretty good picture but not great.  Up until that point I had used a photo that I took myself in my living room. A while back I met a local photographer, Erinn Aloi, owner of "a fresh focus photography".  She looked at my … (1 comments)

havertown real estate: When in Havertown, use a Havertonian, or Find a Realtor "really" in Havertown - 03/25/10 10:47 AM
We actually don't call ourselves Havertonians but I thought that would make a catchy title, Rome/Romans, you know....Anyway.....I am writing this blog because in my Internet research this morning I came across a website called HomeGain. When I searched Havertown Realtor on Google.  It was high up in the results page so I checked it out.  Of course it had a "find a Realtor" link and of course I clicked on it.  It asked for a minimum of my name, which I entered as Ima Test, and my email.  In the comments section I asked that I receive only agents from … (4 comments)

havertown real estate: Market Statistics this Year (Locally) - 03/24/10 01:09 AM
      One of the hardest problems for Realtors is separating national news from local statistics.  We have become a land of 24/7 news and information, some or most of it frivolous.  When your clients are constantly being bombarded with how bad the rest of the country has it, it is hard for them not to be tentative and over cautious.  In our neck of the woods, Philadelphia region, we have not seen the dramatic swings of the past decade that the rest of the country has dealt with.  Our gains in price were on average modest and the correction of … (3 comments)

havertown real estate: New Construction in Havertown Update, 48 Peach Ln - 03/20/10 12:38 AM

         48 PEACH LANE            New Construction in Havertown The windows were installed this week and the mechanicals started.  The weather has broke here in Havertown and some beautiful days have produced some wonderful progress.
This home will be drywalled in the next two weeks and is still affordably priced at 499K (pre-construction pricing)
When you are buying New Construction never is it more true that you are buying a home and not an investment.  If you are buying pre-construction(before the home is finished) and not a spec home you can actually be involved with … (2 comments)

havertown real estate: Your Havertown Realtor - 03/18/10 03:00 PM
Why am I Your Havertown Realtor?
What do these websites have in common?  They all link directly to my website.
I have focused all of my energy on my hometown and stay up to date daily on homes on the market and not quite yet on the market.
My ear is to the ground and I am constantly surveying the area online, in the car and on my own to feet, which my dog Bella, loves as she gets to go for long walks with me.
Spring is in the air and homes are to be had.
My specialty … (2 comments)

havertown real estate: Havertown: Home Sweet Home - 03/17/10 04:26 PM
One of the great things about being a Realtor is selling in the place you call home.  There is more than a certain ease when you are gliding around the area you live in.  Havertown is that home.  From Llanerch to Lynnewood every neighborhood blends together into the tightknit community of Havertown.  With one of the highest retention rates of any community in the entire state.
Families know families for generations.  And a little town that grew up in the 20th century from the original colonial homes, including the Grange Estate and Nitre Hall, to the large framed singles of the 20's … (1 comments)

havertown real estate: How to celebrate St. Patricks Day...... - 03/17/10 05:46 AM
On Saint Pactricks Day a little advice........
How To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Like an Irishman on Howcast

.........from an Irish Realtor in Havertown, Pa.,


havertown real estate: New Construction in Havertown - 03/12/10 10:02 AM
Over the past couple of years new construction in Havertown was a tough sell.  We were not seeing asking price and the new construction needed to be complete before anyone would even consider a home.  Having been in the building trades I was always in touch with local builders and during this time a lot of them changed gears and started to look for re-habs or re-builds, like I like to call them.
Well let me tell you now, new construction in Havertown is back with a vengence.  In my office alone we have sold four new constructions within the last 3 … (0 comments)

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