bankruptcy: FIX YOUR OWN CREDIT SCORE - 02/01/12 11:40 AM
Before you can fix a credit score, you need to know what your score actually is.  There are three major credit bureaus:  Experian  (,  Equifax (, and Transunion (  Contact each bureau and request a report of you credit history.  Get yourself a free report once each year and review for errors.  Look for information and accounts that are not yours or are out of date.  Each error must be disputed separately.    
To dispute an error, first contact the creditor directly  (not the credit bureau) and argue your case.  If you can convince the creditor to remove that item from your credit history, … (0 comments)

bankruptcy: Strategic Defaults - 08/14/11 03:53 AM
The economy in a tailspin, with so many unemployed and underemployed,  so we have tons of defaults every month.  So what about those individuals who are way upside down on their mortgage who just want out?  Some of these individuals are now engaging in what I call a "strategic default".  They could barely afford to keep the mortgage paid but for some reason it is not in their best interest.  They simply opt out. 
The consequences could include a punitive period of SEVEN years before the individual can once again get a new Fannie Mae mortgage.  The criteria for imposing this … (2 comments)

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