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Redfin is going to be hugely successful and kick the pants off of it's competitors.  They are going to achieve this not because there is anything special about their pricing model but because they are executing flawlessly in a wholey consumer centric way and are developing the best online experi...
"...No longer must potential home buyers and sellers actually speak to real estate professionals to meet them. Instead, consumers are accessing agents' ever-more-common blogs, social network pages or viral video campaigns -- all of the burgeoning options that have been called Web 2.0 -- to tap t...
Rank Website Index Change Average 1 Curbed + 2 23,005 2 Bigger Pockets + 2 32,492 3 The Housing Bubble Blog + 2 52,909 4 Bloodhound Blog + 2 72,972 5 The Real Estate Bloggers + 4 78,483 6 Sellsius Real Estate Marketing   0 78,819 7 Agent Genius + 3 79,316 8 Phoenix Real Estate Guy + 5 83,546 9 Z...
Scene: Me, at a "CEO Dinner" in Bellevue on Wednesday evening talking with two world-reknowned experts: the founder of the second-largest domain name registrar, and a very well-known CEO who founded many successful companies in the domain and hosting space. Our conversation went something like th...
I look to Seth Godin for my daily inspiration.  I love what he says. I base so much of how I run ActiveRain on his suggestions. Yet today I read a recent post of his and thought it was stupid.  I find 1 out of maybe 100 of his posts unrelevant or dumb, so needless to say most of his stuff I get g...
A crazy thing just happened. Sara's blog went full circle. 1. Read Sara's blog post in my Google feed Reader. 2. I then reblogged Sara's post on ActiveRain and my outside blog. 3. My friend James read my reblog of Sara's blog on his Google Reader. 4. James shared Sara's blog from his Google Reade...
My new Seattle home has a perfect Walk Score! Thanks for sharing this great service Sara.  Now I know all the cool stuff around my house.   Walkscore is an incredible website for learning what individual neighborhoods have to offer within walking distance.  Personally, living in Chicago, it is ve...
This video might be a little too racy for Bob's official post on this new feature but not for my blog! It reveals an interesting perspective on how members of Tumblr, another blogging network, are using reBlogging. Plus it is hilarious to boot.
  This post has been reblogged 2x already. I wonder if the SEO structure starts to change now that 3 people have reblogged it and linked back to Tara's post. No matter what happens with this particular post, I am sure the Google Juice of her entire blog will be increasing.   Reel Tech TV Episode ...
Looks like Loreena decided to give reBlogging a shot after all.  This is my first reblogged post.  Loreena, thanks for giving me the opportunity. Now if only I had time to actually go on vacation!Here is a simple checklist for you to do before you leave for your "extended" vacation: - Inform all ...

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