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The fastest way you can tell the health of an organization or a person is to observe their energy. We are all wired to pick up on energy and we can observe it on two levels: 1. Intensity (high and low) and 2. Direction (positive and negative).  Constantly throughout the day I do a personal self a...
"I think we live in a new age of transparency, which is a great thing if you're fantastic at customer service. Customer service is the new marketing" ~Jeremy Stoppelman, CEO of Yelp The real estate industry is on the cusp of the biggest shift in marketing strategy ever. Over the last few years we...
Your "Internet First Impression" is what people see when they do a search for your name. It's important that you do an audit regularly to see how you look to people who are seeking to get to know you.  In conjunction with my audit today I took the following actions: 1. Since most of my user accou...
One of the things that I get most excited about in my job is when one of our team members executes on one of their ideas to make our company better. Will Curry has done just that with the creation of the ActiveRain Vlog! Today he talked with some of our coworkers about the culture at ActiveRain. ...
"Do you have any questions for us?" Doug asked at the end of the interview, after we had put this potential ActiveRain employee through the ringer. She replied with a doozy. "What is your proudest accomplishment with ActiveRain?" This one caught my interviewing partner and I completely flat-foote...
According to a study conducted by two Social Psychology professors at Columbia University, a jam shopper is ten times as likely to buy a jar of jam when they are presented with six choices of jam flavors instead of twenty four. In other words, the jam shopper is ten times as likely to be success...
Utilizing social media marketing and networking tactics to improve your business is good. Letting it overtake your life, causing ruin to your business, and detachment in your real social life is not. Real estate sales is a social business and naturally draws people who are more inclined to become...

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