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"Do you have any questions for us?" Doug asked at the end of the interview, after we had put this potential ActiveRain employee through the ringer. She replied with a doozy. "What is your proudest accomplishment with ActiveRain?" This one caught my interviewing partner and I completely flat-foote...
According to a study conducted by two Social Psychology professors at Columbia University, a jam shopper is ten times as likely to buy a jar of jam when they are presented with six choices of jam flavors instead of twenty four. In other words, the jam shopper is ten times as likely to be success...
Utilizing social media marketing and networking tactics to improve your business is good. Letting it overtake your life, causing ruin to your business, and detachment in your real social life is not. Real estate sales is a social business and naturally draws people who are more inclined to become...
  I wanted to pass on some news to the Active Rain community today. Two of our first employees decided it was time to cash out their stake in the business. Market Leader, who has remained consistent in their unwavering support of our community, fully fulfilled the financial hopes and dreams of th...
However... Whether it's a quiet whisper, or a loud dominating roar, everyone has that negative and pessimistic voice inside of their head that holds them back from greatness. When it tells you that you're not good enough and you'll probably fail, how do you respond?  Please share in the comments ...
  I'm so proud of our team!   This blog is for those people, yes you STEVEN GRAHAM at Active Rain, who spent the better part of over an hour with me setting up my active rain outside blog. You wanted to make sure that I was fully functional (good try) and operational when I blog to the masses of ...
I was just writing a comment in response to some input on our recent Local Pages change on ActiveRain and I was reminded of a fable I read on one of my favorite blogger's blog. The fable goes like this: A farmer had only one horse. One day, his horse ran away. All the neighbors came by saying, “I...
We've recently tried on a new look for our local pages (state/county/city), and to much of our chagrin it has been received by some in our community with a thumbs down. I'd like to let our community know that we are reading every post written on our network about this change, and following the co...
"I don't feel comfortable about committing to ActiveRain, or any other platform that I don't own. What if ActiveRain gets bought by Google or they change the price or terms?" First off, thank you Harj Gill for bringing up this issue and addressing it in your own blog post today. I'd like to echo...
"I learned that the most important decision I could make was which table to sit at. ~from Delivering Happiness by Zappos founder Tony Hsieh   This statement has been rustling through my subconscious for the past few weeks. It's profound and life changing. I seem to find myself navigating through ...

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