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Well folks, it's that time of year again!  Football season is here and those of us in northeast Ohio are looking forward to the start of a new season.  We have had our hearts broken season after season in northeast Ohio with the Indians having another "failed" season, the struggling Browns, and l...
We are all driven by different things.  Are you driven by: Expectations of others Your own expectations Goals Money Personal reward Achievements Competition Helping others Or by something else?   Motivation is the "drive" that moves us toward reaching an end.  That end may be something we covet o...
Every six years Summit County goes through a "re-appraisal."  One would expect these re-appraisals to result in lower valuations since we have heard through the media that property values are decreasing in our area.  However, our re-appraisals have not all resulted in lower valuations.  Some peop...
Summit County, Ohio is located in northeastern, Ohio just south of Cleveland.  It is the highest elevation on the Ohio and Erie Canal with a 2007 population estimate of 543,487. Real estate sales (number of units sold) have declined over the past four years to it's lowest level in some time.  Sal...
There's no question that the real estate inventory is vastly cluttered by foreclosed homes that are presented at prices generally below neighborhood market values.  Most, if not all, of these homes are in some state of disrepair and require the buyer to make needed upgrades in order to put the ho...
I have always been fascinated by the accomplishments of people in our world.  Even more so I have been fascinated by the accomplishments of those who weren't supposed to make it.... People who failed at some point in time but got back up and found success in their own way.  As a former educator I...
Throughout our lifetimes (especially when we were young) we have often dealt with others "defining" us and having views on what we will amount to.  How often has a teacher made a comment on what an individual's future life will be?  How often have others made you feel that you will not amount to ...
Starting September 1 (2008) of this year, homeowners with well or septic systems in several Summit County cities are required to have a new inspection prior to selling their property.  Any homeowner that has a private well or septic system and has a property for sale which will close on September...
I have read several interesting articles written on AR.  I especially love those articles that speak to the concept of "success," self-actualization, and reaching our goals.  These articles often cause me to ponder on what it takes to be successful and who in our lives contribute to us becoming w...
Building relationships is an important part of our business.  As a Realtor® I try to maintain relationships with professionals in every aspect of our industry.  From time-to-time I get information via newsletters, emails, etc. from different professionals.  One such professional is Brian Thomas ...

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