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If you live in or near Walker County you don't want to miss the annual fundraiser for the Thomas Lake Road Volunteer Fire Department. This Sunday, September 5,  from 11-2 they will be serving up barbecued  chicken, brisket, and sausage along with potato salad, beans, iced tea, and dessert! This f...
Friday evening over one hundred friends and volunteers of the Riverside Volunteer Fire Department met for the formal dedication of the new Jim Scarborough station located at 87 Sterling Chapel Road in Walker County. The new station will help serve families at the southern end of Riverside's 164 s...
  This is a pink Oleander. They say that this plant is poisonous to both humans and animals. As a small child my mother would warn me to stay away from the "Poison Plant." To this day, I almost always call this a poison plant. The Oleander is the unofficial flower of the city of Galveston, Texas.
Too much bling? NEVER! They say that boy's don't ever out grow their toys, they just get more expensive.  Well our bling doesn't necessairly get more expensive. In fact, it may just get down right cheap and gaudy! But we TEXAS gals.... we don't outgrow it! Too much bling? You did NOT just say th...
Last week on Wordless Wednesday I posted a photo of Dayna.  Today, on Thankful Thursday, I will tell you her story.  On September 18 , 2009 Dayna Paige came into this world. She was born twelve weeks early, weighed 2 pounds and was 15 inches long. It was an amazing thing to see a baby this tiny. ...
I finished my last GRI class last Tuesday but they said not to claim the designation until I receive the official notification in the mail. It's been pretty tough not to do the big SHOUT OUT. "I AM A GRI." I am thrilled to say that the package arrived and I am free to twit about it, put it on fac...
  People always ask me why I call the Oleander, “The Poison Plant” and or if it is really poisonous.   Yes! The Oleander plant is VERY poisionus!   The oleander plant is an extremely toxic plant. Consuming one leaf can cause death in children and in animals.   Consider this when planning your la...
Some of you have met my mom from a previous post. In January she had a silent stroke that caused her to black out. She fell and broke her shoulder and hip. After surgery the doctor sent her to rehab at Ella Smither in Huntsville, Texas.  She was there for two months.  By the end of her stay, I kn...
If you live in or around Trinity, Texas come join us for an old-fashioned community fair! There will be a youth livestock auction, an art exhibit, crafts, carnival rides, live music and even a parade (10 am on Saturday)!  Come hungry! What fair would be complete without LOW CALORIE food vendors? ...

Christian Motorcyclists Association Visits Riverside Baptist Church Today the Christian Motorcyclists Association visited Riverside Baptist Church.  Vernon Osborn, President of the Conroe chapter (Conroe Messengers) presented us with the following facts.   ♥     CMA was founded 35 years ago   ♥  ...

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