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Yet another beautiful Colorado sunset that we enjoyed while on vacation in Gunnison County, Colorado. This beautiful sunset was taken with my handy dandy iPhone 3GS. Not bad for a camera on a cell phone. I am going to call this one 'A Patriotic Sunset' because it is red, white and blue! God Bles...
10. Zillow has a gray link at the bottom of their page that sends you to their accuracy chart. Use this if you need to show a client that Zillow does not have the proper value on their house. 9. Facebook is the best way to keep your name in front of your sphere of influence. Blogging is the best ...
Hey guys! Meet my husband, Rick. a.k.a. The Bug Man or "Bugsy".  Its so funny, ever since I became addicted to facebook, everyone calls Rick "Bugsy". That's because when I write about him, I call him that. I love nicknames and have them for those closest to me. As you know, my mom is The Princes...
Wow! Today has been an exciting day on active rain for this 'newbie rainer'! Today I found out that:  Tish Lloyd re-posted my Fall Season of Change post. AND Patricia Kennedy put me on her "Last Week's Favorites" list. Both on the same day! Is that exciting, or what?  Okay.... maybe not to you......
After living only 7 miles from Trinity for the past 3 years, today I FINALLY made it to a Trinity County Fair. Every year I have good intentions but something always gets in my way. Not this year (thank you Active Rain). Because I wrote a post about it in August encouraging people to attend, I fe...
Shhh... We are supposed to be silent. This shot of the Trinity River is in Riverside, Texas. The river fills Lake Livingston. This little area is one of Texas' best kept secrets! YIKES! The secret is OUT! :O) If you are buying or selling on Lake Livingston, give me a  call! Joni knows Lake Livin...
  I took this photo from the Colorado Dream Ranch RV park  near Tin Cup in Gunnison County Colorado. It's not that it is such an amazing picture.... it's just unusual! Every night was a surprise. One night it looked patriotic (the sky was red, white, and blue), this night it was pastels. Never a...
At the Cross I shot this photo behind the Riverside United Methodist Church. They have a little prayer garden and a gazebo that overlooks the cemetery. I love the bridges and statues. It's quiet and comforting. The day that I shot this photo, I just happened to be there at the right time that the...
   There is nothing like a sunset cruise with your honey! This was shot off of a waterfront piece of land that I have listed in Greenrich Shores.   The land has water on 3 sides and offers panoramic views of Lake Livingston! It is completely bulkheaded with over 900 feet of bulkhead and has an aw...

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