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My blog is here to provide information regarding FHA and FHA 203K and conventional renovation loans for both purchase and refinance. Updates, tips and advice regarding these loans and the industry is what you will find on this blog!
I got really excited one day when this new show came out called the “Property Brothers.” I swear when I watch the show I think that I may actually be related to these guys. I might be the third brother- the one that nobody knows about- the one that helps you to be able to finance the projects tha...
If you have read any of my other blogs you will have seen that I write about all the interested parties in the FHA 203k process.  Today I want to highlight one of the most important and sometimes over looked parties.  That is the FHA 203k Consultant. In NJ, PA and DE I use a few different people ...
I started reaching out to some FHA 203k consultants that I know and also to a few other FHA 203k lenders and I asked them all to please tell me what gives them the biggest headaches and what could I tell customers upfront that would help speed along FHA 203k mortgage transactions. Drum roll pleas...
Its starting to sound like a bad Britney Spears song (sorry to all you Britney fans out there) but ...We Did It Again. We took a wonderful NJ couple and showed them the power of the FHA 203k mortgage program.  We showed the customer once again that by using this mortgage program that you can buy ...
Peyton Manning? Are you serious? Yep- I am. I am personally a Philadelphia Eagles fan but for the purposes of this blog and what I am going to be showing you during my next few blogs I need you to understand my point. Peyton Manning is the true general on the football field. There are others in ...
One of the best parts of FHA 203k mortgages is that over night your property can "Poof" have equity! Who would have thought that is possible in this real estate environment- not most people so let me explain in detail how this works. Current Home Specs and Estimated Value You own a home that is c...
I get questions all the time about the interest rates on FHA 203k rehab mortgages- everyone wants to know what the rates are- this isn't a simple answer.  FHA 203k loans are more expensive- both in regards to interest rates and loan fees.  Why you ask?  Simple- these loans are complicated, have a...
I received an email from a customer who found me from one of my many posts on FHA 203k rehabilitation loans in NJ and I thought this was important to explain to all who might be interested in this product.  There are a ton of half finished properties out there that builders started and didn’t fin...
So we have gone through a lot of different scenarios about FHA 203k rehab loans and we have done a bunch of question and answer sessions and we will continue to go down that path with this blog- but I think its time to give you a clear concise list of things to do.  This will be a two part blog s...
A customer I am currently working with found a great piece of property in NJ but the house that was on the property was old and in major need of work.  After a little research this borrower found my blog and decided that there best option for getting this house was the FHA 203K rehab loan.  The f...

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