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How to market yourself in a "Behind The Times" town. Marte writes for a living, as it were, and always has something interesting to say on the subject. This post is no exception. I'd love to have the opportunity to be first in placing myself in a great position in such a town. Marte's idea of the...
A Realtor who won't give out their cell phone number. I agree with that Realtors choice. A lot of agents have teams in place to take calls. Of course if this particular agent DOES NOT have a team and a system in place to handle calls and inquiries, IMHO they are doing a disservice to the client w...
Google.Algorithms. Gadgets. MetaTags. ReBlogging. OK, my head just exploded. This really is a well written post, but like some others said, we now have more to learn than when we started reading. Why. Why. Why. I love the question about copy on the web from MLS listings. That should be interestin...
Good tips for sellers from Christina. There are more than a few methods to solve an owner's difficulties with their house. Like Christina says, talk to people with experience and knowledge. The next door neighbor or the dog catcher may not be a good source of information. Very well thought out ti...
Renting versus buying...sometimes buying is better. Renting is usually better when housing costs are very high. You all know who you are. However around here there are some pretty good deals on homes that make owning very worthwhile. Tucson AZ has got some really advantageous pricing going on rig...
Great tips from The Housing Guru. I like his list he posted for us. Good old fashioned techniques that still work. And the recession is so not over. Just because Wall Street and the Big Banks are raking in big bucks sure does not translate to the working "man" on the street. He's falling further ...
Jason writes a well thought out blog about repairs. Tell your sellers about this post. If you are handy, that's one thing. If you have a garage full of tools that show signs of actual use, then good. But, if you are like a lot of us, and are "normal" when it comes to actually doing something more...
Claude tells an amazing story. Glad it worked out, due to your diligence. Shows what can be done starting with "just" a rental. The rentals that scare me are the homes ADVERTISED, especially on places like CraigsList,  as a lease purchase. Chances are high that the seller/owner is not making his ...
Patricia Kennedy has written a blog with details almost too out in left field as to defy comprehension. This had to be the most outlandish list of rules ever written on an MLS sheet about showing a property, and, heaven forbid, actually writing an offer on such a house. Read the specifics. You'd ...
Referrals, a subject that should be near and dear to all of our hearts. Active rain sent this post out to let us know about the AR referral network we have available to us. They say it's simple to set up. I am going to experiment on myself to see if that is indeed so. Could put bucks in our pocke...

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