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The 4th of July has come to mean many things for me.  First and foremost, it's been a day of patriotism and pride of our country.  Ever since I was a kid, I've been instilled with the history and uniqueness of this country.  My dad came to the US from Hungary as a young boy prior to WW II and mos...
Yes!  Following on the heals of yesterday's exciting Insurance Awareness Day we have "Waffle Iron Day" today, June 29th.  Of course, this is not to be confused with Waffle Day - that's in March.  Sorry, but I stumbled upon some really odd holidays, but I'm a breakfast guy at heart and waffles are...
Is it that time of year already?  And I thought everyone would forget.  Yes, today, June 28th, is Insurance Awareness Day.  Hard to believe this gem comes around every year, but it's got to be one of your top holidays, right!?  I have no idea who the creator of this day is, but you can be certain...
When did all of our kids become so soft? For me, I think it started with all the crazy crib bumpers, cabinet locks, outlet plugs and overall baby-proofing of my home. Remember dodge ball? Every game started the same way. The gym teacher would toss a few balls onto the court and you had one missio...
So here I am on the vacation that I've been diligently planning for months.  Wouldn't you know it, but on the 1st day my son gets ill.  Needless to say, we didn't do the hikes that I had planned and mapped out.  And the sunset jeep tour is questionable.  Parenthood is best described by the old ex...
When you talk about art tastes and preferences, some folks love florals and landscapes.  As their appreciation for art expands, they can relate to abstracts.  As for me, I am drawn to Architectural renderings ~ nothing better than a pen and ink drawing of a great home or building! As a Tampa cust...
Although I can't call myself a native of South Tampa, it's been my home for over twenty years now.  I can say without hesitation that I can't think of another place that I'd like to live and raise my family.  Certainly the weather is great, but I was born and raised in Ft. Lauderdale, so that's n...
Long ago the light bulb was an exciting thing.  Probably right after Thomas Edison invented it.  It seems the bright little idea has become exciting once again.  I thought when I was a kid that it was confusing to pick out the right size and wattage.  Now, we have to contend with Lumens, Halogen,...
Yes, I know this may come off as a bit self-serving, but I want to love ALL our customers.  Most builders do.  So I thought why not share some experiences that make us fall head over heals in love with our customers.  Over the years, we've built a lot custom homes in Tampa and St. Petersburg.  We...

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