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This is not about liking or disliking Donald Trump. This is about the success in America and our perception of it. And even though we love success stories, and success in general, Donald Trump is getting little credit and was noted for his arrogance. We do not judge the success by personality tra...
A few days ago I told about me and my wife signing for Trump University and leaving after one day with our money back. All commenters did not like Donald Trump. Only one comment form Jesse & Kathy Clifton gave him credit. This was unexpected. Why we do not like Donald Trump? All comments were mad...
Good new for Daytona Beach.Daytona Beach Community College has earned the accreditation to offer a 4-year Bachelor of Applied Science degrees. This transformed the formally "two year" community college and made it a four year school.Local newspaper today reported that it now offers bachelor and M...
Just recently I read that Yale allows to download 7 of their courses for free. I thought that this is a revolution in higher education. I thought that other colleges eventually will follow, and I was only wrong in figuring out the timing.Turns out several leading universities have made some cours...
Yesterday I was quite surprised by a post by Chris Benton Eric Caprarese - "FREE business opportunity - Come join our DrinkACT Team! "This was a promotion of a business, having nothing to do with Real Estate, or us, agents, mortgage brokers, loan officers, appraisers, stagers, home inspectors, Es...
I read today's newspaper. The concerned residents again forced the developer to downsize. Another victory. The developer was forced to go from 30 stories, then 22, then 20, now 16. Now developer is saying it is not really making big business sense.And it is very said.We are hostages of redneck me...
I thought I was already immune to all these Real Estate seminars, but when I received invitations from Donald Trump, my heart melted, and me and my wife signed up for this FREE seminar. We've followed the apprentice for 2 seasons, so we were curious who he would fire this time. Actually, he fired...
Tired of counting every kopeck (penny) until the next pay day, we moved from North Urals to a coal mining town 100 km above the Arctic Circle. To survive harsh Russian Arctic winters, my father-in-law bought me an army-style fur coat with sheepskin outside and thick fur on the inside. I had a pai...
As every respectable immigrant from Russia, I had to do time either in taxi, or in limo. I did my time as a limo driver and "served" two years in Manhattan. I worked other job before becoming a limo driver, and I knew my way around. I lived in the Bron and for 2 years had a newspaper route in Bro...
As far as I understand, this was a true experiment run by scientists.They placed 5 chimps in a cage, and hung the banana above. When a chimp tried to jump, they were all getting a pour of ice cold water. So, after several attemts and several very unpleasant ice cold showers they figured that they...

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