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I know that this stand is unpopular. But I owe it to people who I know and love. I owe it to people that I do not know, who can't knock to your hearts and souls. I am more privileged, I am a citizen. And as a citizen, I have to say it. To uphold the law, if we need to ship the illegals out, we sh...
After my post Are You Ready to Ship Illegals Away?I got a lot of comments, but surprisingly, very little desire to understand and discuss the issues. The whole notion was very polarizing, even though one-sidedly. Obviously there are many sides to immigration, and, as I mentioned before, many colo...
I know that this is a very painful topic. It became a key issue in the Presidential race. Conservatives and liberals are both demanding the change. A lot of people I respect want illegals out. I have difficult time agreeing with that.Americans are very open to immigrants and this is not the issue...
Hawaiian Inn - one of the most successful older condominium-hotels in Daytona Beach area is in the news.The property was built in 1965, and time takes its toll. Some mechanical problems caused it to be closed for  some time in 2007, and though the management was running it at very high occupancy,...
In a nutshell, American idea of the world is that of a sculptor, who takes a stone block and just chisels away the waste to open the beauty which is already there. In a popular purely American perception of the world, the freedom and democracy are the beauties that are there and that would be che...
We all imagined ourselves being a President. We know what to do, the goals are clear and we have both the power and the will to steer the right course. Getting older brings some bitter understanding that things are more complicated than we think, and that being a President may be not that much fu...
Nicholas Goglucci's post Terrorist Leader of Hezbollah Killed in Syria caused different reactions. Chris Fisher came with strong statements, that 'our current "leaders" mis-using our troops and lying to us', that 'this war isn't really about fighting terrorists' and so on. I am getting really ann...
This is all about real estate. If you think that the night never ends and the sun never comes, that the market is  bad, this is not for you. This is for those, who know that the Ocean has, is and always will attract us, that the Beaches will always charm and fascinate us. This is for those, who u...
There is something fascinating happening in our area. Actually it is more 30 miles north of us in one of the 10 fastest growing places in the nation for the last 10-15 years. The place is a beautiful town to enjoy life, but seriously lacking on the jobs, etc. There was a group, who, in pursuit of...

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