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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



Let me ask a rhetorical question. Does the public generally benefit from working with a good agent?And the answer is YES!Why is then the public often does not work with a good agent if there is a benefit? Is it because they do not know about the benefit? Not quite. They pretty much know. Sounds i...
How do we stand out of the crowd?How often do you see the offer of "Honesty and Integrity"? After seeing it again and again and again, what customers start thinking? That there should be something terribly wrong with the industry? If agents are trying to stand out of the crowd because of their ho...
Gayle Castillo  wrote Multiple Offers intent to buy Only One . I wrote a comment, there were a few other comments, and I wanted to forget about it, but turns out I can't. The story is simple. The Buyer wants to make 2 offers, and he intends to buy only one property. What is the first reaction of ...
Leigh Brown posted NO! You Can NOT Have Your Earnest Money Back! and got 100 comments, which tell you that she hit the nerve. It is not even a discussion, it is an overwhelming show of support.She is a Listing agent, and the Buyer terminates the contract due to inability to obtain a loan, however...
This is  just a note to my three other posts (Are You Ready to Ship Illegals Away? , Everyone has the answer. Even if we do not understand the question , and I Had To Say That... Even If You Do Not Like It).These are not friends of mine, but we met at a party, they are nice intelligent people, he...
New Page 4 Today is 138 birthday of Vladimir Lenin. If you check Russian news, you will not see it on the first pages of the papers, and though the communists laid flowers at the steps of Mausoleum on The Red Square, this is so far from the years of glory of USSR.Vladimir Lenin did so much evil ...
Daytona Area Condo Market was a little busier this year than in the first quarter of 2007.Let's look at numbers. There were 117 condominiums sold in the 1 st quarter of last year at an average price of $333,218.This year there were 127 condominiums sold at an average price of 309,879 (7% decline)...
We are all different, and we seek different things on AR. Some are coming for the social networking, learning, and looking for ideas. Others sign on, but actually do not do anything, and, interestingly enough, a lot of top producers are in that category. Well, some people do not need a social clu...
Skype announced a $9.95 plan for unlimited International calls to 35 countries. And I remembered when we came from the USSR in 1991. My pregnant daughter left her husband in Moscow, they were newlyweds, this was tough enough in the new country, she needed al the support she could have, and AT&T c...
Daytona Beach real estate is not different from any other area in Florida. If you are talking to agents about the market, you feel some dose of optimism. Agents are saying that the market is busier, and they think that this is the beginning of the warm up, or the market going to where it should b...

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