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I got that Closing yesterday. A small restaurant, the deal was very simple. The Buyer was buying a company, he is from Canada and he is working on his L-1 visa, so he needs a company that was in business for some time. The agent, who called me, was very knowledgeable, pleasure to work with. The B...
I remember the times when if got the listing, you got the money. And it would only take very short time. There were a lot of agents with minimum skills, knowledge, demeanor... but it all didn't matter. THere was a lot of business, and not a lto of competition. Times have changed dramatically. The...
Since Sunday the fires in Brevard County on the East Coast of Florida have destroyed about 20 homes and a lot of other homes damaged. Estimates are at $9.6 Mil. 15 sq. miles are scorched, I-95 closed causing major problems for cars and trucks, schools are closed. Yes, nature has unpleasant surpri...
My first and only "real job" in the US was a resettlement coordinator in the in the North-East Bronx in the largest Co-Op in the world, called Co-Op City. Natalie was a volunteer receptionist. Her husband and herself were both retired, and were thinking about moving to Florida. Recent immigrants,...
In the middle of the night I surfed TV channels and stopped on CNN, which I do not watch for quite some time. I stopped because Christiane Amanpour, CNN's chief international correspondent, was showing the documentary on North Korea. I was looking at their subway (Metro), gigantic monuments, list...
Cheri' Smith wrote a blog about Arianna Huffington I heard about Arianna and her statements on Fox News, but I have to acknowledge my ignorance: I never heard the lady, or read what she writes. What surprised me, however, was a single phrase suggesting that Arianna Huffington "can take her libera...
Andrew J. Lenza made an excellent comment on my post Hillary is Selling Herself... and the Troops Andrew asked "Are any of the three the absolute BEST choice to lead this country? How come the job can't pull in the truly qualified, larger than life leader?" In a nutshell, the answer is because we...
I am listening to Hillary Clinton addressing Jefferson Jackson Dinner, and I can believe what I hear. She claims that she will start bringing back the troops from Iraq within 60 days of her presidency.Sounds terrific and brought a lot of applauds. But think of it. If she is elected, a new Command...
I just turned off the TV after this incredible boxing match between veteran Oscar De La Hoya and Steve Forbes. Oscar added 39th victory to his impressive list. Yes, there were no knockdowns and knockouts, and this frustrated Oscar. But Steve Forbes has never been down during his 11-year long prof...
The article in our local newspaper News-Journal published the Report: Rev. Wright disinvited to B-CU graduation Bethune-Cookman University, recently changed the name from Bethune-Cookman College is one of the first original black colleges. Rev. Wright was invited to participate in this year's com...

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