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17 years ago today after a 10- hour flight from Moscow, Boeing 747 (PanAm) has landed in New York at JFK. With $400 in our combined pockets, me, my wife, my son, who turned 19 that day, and our rebellious 17.5- y.o. daughter came to USA. While waiting at immigration, we were trying to imagine our...
We all get this. Very frustrating. And very time consuming. You work with clients, build the rapport, and then 'bang', something happens, and they are running in panic. This is simple: someone told them something. A cautious friend, a bartender, a taxi driver...  They say something and one minute...
I live across the street from the Ocean here in a small quaint town of Ponce Inlet just a mile north of the pride of Ponce Inlet (and Florida) - the tallest and the most beautiful Lighthouse in Florida. As far as I know it is the second tallest in the nation, but I do not know where it is. My ide...
I met Yuri and his wife Lyudmila a couple of months ago, we met a couple of times at our mutual friends, they paid us a visit, and we were supposed to visit them but then we got busy, then we had to fly to New York, so we went to them only yesterday. He met us at the door, dressed in a T-top as c...
I have 2 grandchildren. The little one is 8. The name stuck when he did not have his front teeth, and looked quite spooky when smiled, and he smiles a lot. He once came to stay with us and forgot his toothbrush, so he for a while was Toothless-Ruthless-Brushless, but he has a brush with him this ...
Through the years, I always tried to get my hands on good training materials, and you all know that this is not cheap. I ventured once to Michael Russer's 3-day bootcamp in Chicago 3 years ago, and was hugely disappointed. Went to Roger Butcher seminar, signed for coaching, never got a single cal...
Last Tuesday my 16-y.o.grandson staying with us for a week, decided to go to the ocean very early, and I suggested that he takes the camera with him, which he did. He went to the beach when it was still dark. And he was lucky. Just a dozen yards from the walkway, he saw a 4' Green Turtle laying e...
It is simply fascinating how we react to things. Gas is $4 a gallon. End of the world. Impeach the President. Let's look how life is in other places. In Israel gas is just under $8 a gallon, in France a gallon of gas is $12, and in Turkey it is $16. Leasing Toyota Corolla in Israel would cost you...
Condo buyers fall into two groups: those who lived in the condo before and those who haven't. And though people who have experience living in a condo and in high-rise buildings often forget that when they are buying a condominium, this is always more then just their unit. I am not referring here ...
At some point in the past the spell checker used by AR has changed. For some time it simply did not want to work, but then, after more mess than we usually have, it started working again. The first thing I noticed is that it started giving a much longer list of words. Very soon I figured that thi...

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