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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



I can't complain, I have already won the highest prized lottery when I managed to get to US.This was not my first winning jackpot.When I was a 19-y.o. college student, it happened that in a local movie theatre I ended sitting between Olgas on each side and one behind. Somebody told me that someth...
I was MeMed by Mark Horan. I guess it is like a flue: you get it, you have to pass it on. I also noticed that some people got it several times, This is scary, like any epidemics, so I hope to handle it only once. With a growing number of members there is a hope that is achievable.So, here it goes...
Are you also running into the Special Clauses in the Contracts, stating that the buyer is to pay transaction fee (usually a few hundred dollars) to their company? When talking to my Seller I advise them to cross it out.Had agents calling me saying that this was the requirement of their Office or ...
I am watching the 12th round of a terrific boxing match between Jose Antonio Rivera & Alejandro Garcia from Worcester, MA. Rivera is winning. He came as an underdog, and he just had dropped Alejandro Garcia for the 5th time in the match. Gong. The round is over. And at 114-107, 116-106 and 116-10...
I am a little confused by the "All Real Estate Is Local" adage. I understand that $800K in coastal South Florida will buy less than in rural Kentucky, but we are not talking about the price uniformity around the country, we are talking about the trends. If real estate would really be that local, ...

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