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Beginnig of last week, your eye would catch more and more those old beautiful cars, that were able to survive time. They heralded the arrival of the biggest Car show in the nation, the Turkey Run As everything in life, some cars became famous and sought for, and some didn't. Some are coming with ...
A year or so ago, I started getting increasingly frustrated by people asking for info and then never even acknowledging receiving it. I am used that usually people get the info and forget to do it anyway, but I was surprised that it had been done by people I know. When I am at home, I can't use m...
Thanksgiving brings families together. My family is all here, within 35-40-miles radius. Since we came to US, 4 of us, in 1991, the family extended with my daughter's husband and 2 kids, our grandchildren, so 7 of us gathered around the table with a turkey in the center. We all said what we were ...
2 days ago in the middle of a hectic day of a real estate broker in a very slow market came a call and the gentleman, who told me he wa from PayPal, asked me if I could tell him when I paid anyting by Paypal. We do use Paypal, and of course, I do not remember all the details, so I was hesitant, b...
By virtue of having my office in the Condo-Hotel, I am involved in them more than I would like it. There are advantages of having the office in the condo-hotel and disadvantages. Advantage is that you are on the ocean. You can walk out of your office and enjoy the breeze, give rest to your eyes, ...
Are you frustrated like I am, when you get an e-mail, where the anonymous ...let's use Michael Russer's term "Internet Empowered Consumer" sends you an e-mail and asks a question? One question only. Whether it is price or whatever? And you know that the answer is irrelevant to that property? Or t...
It is actually in Holly Hill, but besides locals who knows about Holly HIll? Marina Grande on Halifax is a development that started at the height of the market. The feeling was that the further you go, the  more money you make and the more money it would cost. Planned initially to be right on the...
Ted Baker left a thoughtful comment on my post Things I Would Rather Not Know. But I Do  I did not want to stir the pot again. I long for something funny and entertaining, and here I am, stuck with dark memories, trying to make sense of senseless things. Without understanding how they, prisoners ...
Skip this post if you want an uplifting light reading. This one is not. It is about terrible events. I did not plan writing this post, but it comes to me every day... My mom died in 1988. Several days after the funeral my older brother, who lived with my mom, asked me whether I wanted to meet one...
Today was the last day of 32nd Greek Festival in Daytona Beach. It took place in St. Demetrios Church. These festivals became tradition over the years, and this 4-day event attracts a lot of people, and not only Greek. The parking lot was full, but having lived in the next building for 3 years, I...

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