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Sometimes memories take me back to Russia, and I write about it. I always feel the difficulty to adequately present the facts, so that it does not become a one-dimensional caricature, and though I am struggling to avoid it, I am always dangerously close. I know that people with similar experience...
I am on AR for over a year, and reading how people go for vacation, and seeing the photos from places make me envy. But the times are not the greatest, and there were no grandiose plans for anything. However, when we got a call from our friends, and they were going to visit us, ans while with us ...
I read Jesse Clifton's blog today and it donned upon me, that even with things relatively simple, we often can not understand it fully without actually experiencing it. He wrote about the extreme temperature that they got. We all know the notion of cold (coldness). Well, this is very relative. We...
That's pretty much what happened to me today. I had a couple from New Jersey. They are visiting their son and his family here in Orlando. Very nice people, very punctual. They have time, they are just in the beginning of their search. The husband is still working and is retiring in a year, so the...
Matthew Ferrara wrote a very interesting blog Are you Cheating your Sellers by using a Lockbox? It is a well written blog with tons of good points. But what it fails to do is to see beyond the considerations of the Seller. It is all about why Seller should do this and that. However, in real life ...
Huiting Zhuang wrote a blog  who is Isaac Robert Toussie? Well, the best answer will be that Isaac Robert Toussie is the man, whose pardon by President Bush, was reversed. If President Bush would not have pardoned him in the first place, we simply would most probably never hear that name. "Isaac ...
My kids were little so long ago, and also at that time we did not have the computers and all those great Internet wonders, so the whole notion of webkinz was never my first priority in life. I heard about it, I thought it was a great way to teach kids responsibility, patience... My grandson prove...
Let me start with the statement, which is nether bold or new: we are going high definition, and it is happening right now. When I ran into Tim Maitski's YouTube "Watch in High Quality" - Embed High Quality Videos Into Your Blogs, I was absolutely ecstatic. I have just bought a nice software and w...
First time we came to Ponce Inlet - a quaint small town surrounded by water of 3 sides - when we first time came to Florida in 1995. The market was terrible, the signs for sale were on every third home and we got the impression that people were simply trying to run away. We could not figure how, ...
In the times of crisis our weary souls want action, anything just to get over with. We are a nation  of instant gratification. If it is a war, it only should take a week, we win, hang the dictator and come back leaving behind a fully functional democratic government. When the trees were tall, we ...

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