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Another change in AR landscape. Now, when you open AR on your computer, Todd Clark comes #1 with 691,819 points, just a few points ahead of Lenn Harley (691,773). Todd is moving at a lightning speed over that vast AR landscape passing every one ahead, and now there is nobody to pass, just fend of...
The whole story with the photo op in the sky above the lower Manhattan does not survive any sanity test. "Insensitive", "stupid", you call it... And this is in the 21st century, and this is when we are in recession. Well, Washington is not in recession. Looks like this is the only place which is ...
With the market like this, we are used to see the signs "Auction" while driving along A1A. Never went to one, know that there isn't much success, as people are waiting, and the hype is simply not there. I can only imagine auctions 4 years ago. I actually remember how we all went to Venetian Bay t...
Donna Bigda in her blog post Foreclosure Vs Short Sale looks at it from the point of view of credit issues and employment. It is a good blog. However, I think we did not discuss one issue with short sale, which is money, and often have more immediate affect on our life than issues with future cre...
I am outside my office in the hallway of an oceanfront condo-hotel resort, where our office is on the first floor. I know quite a number of condo-owners, and we usually say "hi" to each other and exchange some niceties. Tom is going to the ocean. He just drove in from up north. I am asking him wh...
I got a call from a homeowner. She told me that she wanted to list a house for short sale. Her husband lost a job here, now is working in another state and they can't afford having this home. She said that she was referred to me by the attorney. We started talking, and then I asked her who the at...
I read a very good post and happily commented. I usually try to go back to my comments to see what other people say, and what, if any, interesting discussion ensues... So, I am back and I am reading it, and there are simply more and more very nice comments. No disagreements, just "thank you" type...
Vandals flood 4 floors of Castaways condos -that's was the title of an article published by Anne Geggis in our local newspaper about what happened to Cstaways Beach Resort, a condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores Some pranksters last Friday hit a fire sprinkler head on the 4th floor of a condo-hote...
I do not watch Miss America and similar shows as I know in advance that Donald Trump is the most beautiful of all anyway, but our never boring TV has brought a saga of Miss California, who did not make it to Miss America, and possibly because of her answer the judge's question. The funny thing is...
While the saga of the legal fight between the Davidson family - a majority shareholder in the New Journal - our local independent newpaper, and minor shareholder, Cox Communications from Atlanta, is still unfolding, the music-lovers here and in Volusia County are getting the chance to honor the l...

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