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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



Plaza Resort & Spa is undoubtedly one of only few really classy condo-hotels in the area. The resort started the conversion rather late and the developers sold 2/3 of the units when the sales came to a halt. However, they have paid for $70 million renovation, plus they did not transfer the Associ...
This is coming through the grapevine. Do not rely upon the information here as it has not been verified and may or may not be correct. It is what I heard about the property and the lawsuit. I already wrote that there was a lawsuit, and we were waiting the outcome to understand what the future has...
I once wrote a blog about the court decision that was supposed to end our local independent newspaper (I tried to find the blog but couldn't). The story was that the Davidson family have sold 47% of the business to Atlanta based Cox Communications many years ago. The Davidson family has always be...
Amy McAllister in a post Some buyers just don't get it  wrote about the frustration with the  buyers who hop from one agent to another and even look at houses with several agents. We all have these frustrations on a daily basis, and it is easy to get upset with the buyers. Why is it so difficult ...
Bob Foster posted a blog entry Do You Mind If I Take a Few Pictures Inside Your Home, Without Your Consent? It is about the consent to pictures, even if these are the pictures of the interiors of the properties for sale. In the ensued discussion, the overall tone is that we gotta be careful as we...
When Somalia pirates hijacked the Ukrainian ship carrying tanks and a lot of weapons including rockets, and Russia and The Ukraine sent their ships there, I was expecting some drastic takeover and punishment. It did not happen. They negotiated the ransom from $20 Mil to $3 Mil, end of story. Yes ...
Watching TV nowadays is far from boring. One week you see a timid young guy, who got into the bed with Palin's daughter, touring the country, and for a moment we think that things could be more of Romeo & Juliet and not just hormones, and the next time you see him, it is more like a shark in murk...
So we are an arrogant nation. American Americans, African Americans, Spanish and Hispanic Americans, Chinese Americans, Italian Americans, Cuban Americans, Japanese Americans, and even Russian Americans like myself. And whoever I didn't mention here, you are also a bunch of arrogant schmucks. The...
Bank of America wants to return $45 Billion of our money back to the government. TARP moneyt that is. Part of $198 Billion. After seeing the government firing the CEO, interfering with valid and legal contracts... they thought that they do not want the goverment in their bedroom. Well, great news...
Our office is in Fountain Beach Resort, which is a condo-hotel. On the Marquee sign we have one line. Today it ways "Condos fr $35K". People walk into the office and ask us about these condos. We give them the printout, brochure, and take them to this  $34,900 (we shorten it on the sign) unit. A ...

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