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Fountain Beach Resort313 S Atlatic Ave., Daytona Beach. FL 32118 2009 turns to be a very uneventful year fro the Fountain Beach Resort so far. 2 sales at $30K (foreclosure sale) and $50K. There were 3 sales in the whole 2008, so it is not bad in comparison. Or we can say it is as dead as last yea...
Peter and Lucy called me after seeing prices for 2 bdr/2 bath condos in direct oceanfront buildings in the Oceans Complex starting from $140,000. Q. Can this true? A. Yes and No. Yes, there are listings starting from $140,000. We showed Peter and Lucy several units, and they signed an offer of $1...
Me and my wife were invitated to a friend's birthday party. He and his wife live in New York and they have a vacation home here in Florida, and come pretty often. His wife is a dentist, and he is running the office. They make their schedule so that they can jump in a car and be here in 17 hours. ...
When on Monday we placed a $202 display ad in the Pennysaver, it was raining hard in Central Florida. But we knew that rain does not usually runs for more than a few hours, and we had a week until the Open House. When on Wednesday we ordered signs at a tune of $75, it was still raining in Central...
Friday in the middle of the day I got the call from Active Rain Corporation. A nice guy, Steve,  calling to help. Am I at my computer? You bet, I always am at my computer. Steve suggests that I look at the blogs of an AR member, who I happen to count as my AR friend. He shows me how she uses the ...
It is 5 days that the rain is non-stop. In Florida, where we used to good weather, and where a day without a sun is a wasted day, this is already a hardship. But it is a real hardship for many, and not because of spoiled vacation, but because we are now officially waterfront, no matter where you ...
I am not the schmoozing type agent (at least my daughter tells me that) and I live wonderfully without all the Realtors get-togethers. I may not know a lot of agents, and I most probably do not miss many anyway. But being in the business means that I call Realtors and they call me and we work on ...
Tchaka Owen in a comment to my post Taxes and Orgasm tells me that my problem is because I am “looking at theory at the expense of reality”. He then goes with saying that Florida is hurting economically, that teachers are being cut, and Police and Fire Departments are being squeezed, etc. This is...
I have been reading and watching TV and I knew that there was a discussion about raising taxes, and with more and more spending it was becoming sort of inevitable. But I still did not expect to find a person, who would feel ecstatic about paying more taxes. But AR is like a sample of our Universe...
I had two closing sgheduled for Friday. Both did not happen, and I am not even angry. No reasonable person can be angry with the same stuff again and again and again. I am not even really surprised. You learn to take things in stride. What was supposed to be normal before, and what you would not ...

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