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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



We had an open house yesterday, we put the signs, and then tied the balloons to the sign. Unfortunately it lasted only a few seconds, and then the balloons got loose and we could only waive "bye-bye" as they were disappearing in the blue sky. I rushed to the nearest K-Mart Plaza to buy a new set....
Daytona Beach Shores is a home to a condo row known as the Oceans. They started in the glorious 70s and at that time were quite a statement for a small quaint place on the Atlantic Ocean.  They go by the numbers: Oceans One, Oceans Two and so on, skipping Oceans Nine, and it ends in Oceans Ten. ...
Summer came with noticeable heat and the temperatures quickly climbed to the near record high with heat index hitting 107F. Channel 13 is showing a map of Florida all in red with only a thin orange line along the Atlantic Ocean. Red is over 100F. Orange is over 90F. This is only along the waters ...
With over 150K members, we are like a medium size city, and in a city of this size it is easy to live next to someone and never meet that someone, and never hear about this someone. As real estate professionals, we usually have the knowledge of the areas we serve to the point that we have the six...
I noticed Heather Oberhau when she got into a heater exchage on one of my controversial (oh, well...) blogs. Not only it was flattering that she one of very few people who agreed with me, but she showed a very independent mind and strong conviction. So, I ventured to read her blog, and it happene...
Open house on Saturday for this direct Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Home in Ormond Beach on exclusive John Anderson Dr. This home fell victim to the crisis like so many others. If asked about it 4 years ago and I would laugh at the idea of these properties going for less than the price of land....
Oceans Jewel Club at 935 S. Atlantic Avenue was converted to condo-hotel in late 90s. This was the beginning of the condo-hotel era, units were nice, though small, but with stoves. Some with view, some direct oceanfront, and some with no view of the ocean. Commercial space including Front Desk be...
Sellers and What the Heck They Are Thinking is a huge theme on AR. Sellers, who are very unreasonable and want more than they can get. Buyers and What the Heck They Are Thinking is an equally huge theme here. I find it a lot on AR, where we are frustrated with Buyers holding off with the purchase...
A few years ago I got a good deal on Sony desktops and also bout a Sony Vaio laptop. 15.4" screen, bright and shiny, I still love it. But the machine was far from being spectacular, was very slow, plus had a strange personality, and sometimes the when you turn it on, the machine comes to life, bu...
A buyer made an offer on a unit in Plaza Resort. Short sale, long wait. Suddenly another unit pops up, and she makes an offer on it. It is an REO(Foreclosure), so it moves fast. She now tries to sell her other condo-hotel studio in another property here to get the money to buy the first one, and ...

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