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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



Just wanted to say that we are unrealistic, when we are demanding that people act honorably in this economic crisis. Yes, lenders were pressed to start serving those who were, let's say, risky borrowers, but once started, then whoever joined, were getting loans right and left.  When we open the f...
The discussion about walking away from paying what we promised to pay did not leave us indifferent, absolutely not. I think there is some  unity in treating it the way that if you can pay, you have to pay, but if you can't pay, than family is more important, and you can walk away from the financi...
It is an interesting journey, started with Richard Zaretsky's blog "WALK AWAY FROM THE PROPERTY - STRATEGIC MORTGAGE DEFAULTS GROW TO 26%", then Bryant Tutas accelerated it to a fascinating discussion with his Morally Wrong....OR...Financially Sound? . I bounced of it with Painfully Adjusting to ...
Bryant Tutas stepped on our collective toes with his post Morally Wrong....OR...Financially Sound? The post generated 175 comments within just couple of days. Terrific post, terrific comments. Definitely worth reading, so click and you will not regret. He twisted the legal subject and asked wheth...
Yesterday I posted Screwing a Porcupine Is Against The Law. Avoid The Temptation. I did not do it to shock the public, as I wasn't really shocked myself. I was laughing reading that article. I knew that it could have happened. And then I read the comments...  Oh my.... I knew that there is a gap ...
On May 14 Inna Hardison posted Stupid Laws in Florida that are still in Force. As others, I just laughed at these still in force laws here in Florida. It was hard to believe that we needed a law like that. I thought that sex with porcupine could be a very effective crime deterrent, but it was dif...
Plaza Reaort & Spa is the Premiere Condo-Hotel Resort in Daytona Beach. An Orlando couple walked in my office  yesterday off a Marquee sign in front of the resort saying "Condos For Sale From $50K". So, I took them to one of the units in Fountain Beach Resort, were my office is, and they were uni...
Somehow my posts about The Plaza Resort & Spa got some people confused. I am getting quite a number of requests regarding Plaza Resort, and here are many questions and concerns regarding the Association Fee,   Maintenance, Taxes & Insurance. Q. What is the monthly Maintenance (Association) Fee?A....

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