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I remember watching election clips on TV when Alan Grayson was fighting for the the seat in the House of Representatives. I remember that I had a weird feeling that it was a housewife in pants campaigning. I mean the level of understanding the issues. I am not involved in politics, and do not eve...
What Would I Pay If I Buy A Condo in Daytona Beach Shores or in Ponce Inlet? Simple answer: Maintenance (Association) Fee, Unit Owner Insurance, and Property Tax. Maintenance fee does  not depend on whether you are renting the unit out or not. It usually covers everything outside of the unit (upk...
Missy Caulk posted Have you Ever Had this Happen? and I immediately thought that for some strange logic of life it did, but with a twist. While her story is more like a Christmas story with a Happy End, mine is more like a Halloween story, that haven't ended yet... In the early-early 2000, when t...
I do not usually write about AR members. I mean like Patricia Kennedy not so long ago used to present new members with a spark. Since I did not see anyting about Cathy McAlister, I thought that it is simply fair for me to suggest that you check Cathy's posts. They have the depth, the expertise, a...
Double lot in Ormond-by-the-Sea is just 3 hundred yards from the Atlantic Ocean. Ormond-by-the-Sea is north of Ormond Beach. This is a new street, the county ran the utilities and asphalted the road, opening it for development. The lot was initially sold for $21,000 in 2001 and then it was resold...
Everyone has to take care of someone. People have children, people have pets. Our children are already middle aged, and we do not have pets. So we are taking care of our guest from Moscow. She is a granddaughter of our friend back from the time in the Russian Arctic. It is not that we have to tak...
Sex In The City...  What the Heck Is This? Well, that's right, this is about SEX in the oldest city in the nation. Which happens to be in Florida. Which happens to be St. Augustine. And which happens to be a rather decent place... if not for this sex act... in public... in the middle of the day, ...
These are the words of Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from his speech at UN September 24, 2009. In my former country there was a saying "Tell me who your friend is, and I will tell you who you are". I am sure there is something similar (or may even exact) in America, but I simply do n...
Buying Condos In Daytona Beach Shores or in Ponce Inlet. What is new? Insurance In good old days of before January 1 this year, there were fewer laws in Florida than today. We used to say that to own a condo in Florida it would cost you a Monthly Maintenance Fee and annual Property Taxes (and we ...
Until yesterday I was sure that my daughter was the queen of geographically challenged. When we lived in Co-Op City in the Bronx, and she lived in a building 5 minutes drive from us, we made the arrangement that she was coming to a family dinner. She just got her own car and instead of a 20 minut...

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