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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



To read Part 1 go to: Understanding Condo-Hotels. Part I Maintenance Fee. The simplest but the most confusing issue. The first question is always about the association (or maintenance) fee. Sometimes I would even get "give me the fees for different condo-hotels and we will make our decision based...
I read Patricia Kennedy's blog Weather Wimps? She is right. Weather (or better say our perception of it) is a funny thing. Same weather, same location, different perception. Take Daytona Beach. Several days ago: air 67F, cold by our Daytona standards. People came from Midwest, they are in the Oce...
There are 14 Daytona Beach Condo-Hotels. Understanding the Concept guarantees that you are not confusing apples for oranges. Because condo-Hotel is a confusing concept. And like with everything we do not fully understand, we are not comfortable. Legally, there is no such form of ownership as cond...
if you are a boxing fan and watched Shane Mosely against Antonio Margarito, then you understand what I want to say. If you haven't watched it, you missed on a great event in this unforgiving sport. Not long ago Shane Mosely lost to a Puerto ricdan star Miguel Cotto. Cotto is just stronger puncher...
Oceans Grand, 2 Oceans West Blvd, Daytona Beach Shores, FL 32118 This building was in the plans since early 70. At that time it was a double triangle 21-story tower. The developer of the Oceans complex sold the parcel to a construction company Callahan & Sons, and they decided to go with one towe...
The Historywas made today with Barak Obama becoming the President. There is some irony in the fact that this became the highest point in his political career. I am not sure anyone ever took the oath with their highest accomplishment - just getting to the White House. We all wish him the best. I h...
The man, who shot down McCain's plane over North Vietnam in October 1967 died from cancer January 17, 2009 in a dilapidated home in Krasnoye Syelo not far from St. Petersburg, Russia. This man, the former Soviet lieutenant colonel Yuri Trushechkin, had to keep quiet about it, as Soviet Union repe...
There is a lot of confusion regarding dealing with the Lenders. I remember turning to Richard Zaretsky with a genius' (I thought so) question. If we do the short sale of the property and have the Lender agree to a significantly lower price, why can't we do this for the owner, who would love to st...
Soon after September 11, my wife had to fly to New York for a check-up after a major surgery. We did not travel much, and she could not find a right size suitcase or a bag for her stuff. Her closest friend, another Russian lady, and also Olga (looks like Olgas were making it to US in higher perce...
I am doing several short sales at this point. We figured that it is a better to work with the attorney, and a few of the deals are  with Richard Zaretsky. I have been his subscriber for quite some time, and his blogs are the authority on the dubject. My clients often want to start the short sale ...

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