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Hottober in Daytona Beach - Florida. These are the last days of the most incredible October I can remember. A commentator on local TV station called it Hottober. Daily temperature are either record high, or close to that for at least 3 weeks straight. Yesterday's high of 89 was a tie with the rec...
Welcome Home!Welcome to Oceanside Inn - Daytona Beach Shores I had a closing today. One that was traditional and that we now do not have very often. Sitting at the table with the Closing agent and the Buyer felt like a thing from the past. We still did not have the Seller and seller's agent at th...
Just heard on TV that Alan Grayson calls himself "Congressman with the guts". No questions, this is a very catching tag line. But if we think about it, I can see rednecks with a lot of guts in every local bar. What I do not see in abundance in local bars is the mental capacity of a statesman. But...
We are living at an interesting time. Some very high-ranking representatives of the People find it technically difficult to post the Healthcare Bill on the Internet for people to read. I would not have a problem with that if I were them. An over a thousand page bill is too long even for them to r...
We all know that Real Estate is local. We all know that it is one thing in California and it is another thing in Florida. The 3,000 SF villa for $200K is not an indication of a good or bad price. It would be different if it  is in Hawaii, or in Alabama. Our office is in a mid-rise oceanfront cond...
Calvin Woodward's article in USA Today FACT CHECK: Health insurer profits not so fat published 10/25/2009 caught me napping. Even knowing that there is a lot of lies about the whole Health Care debacle, I did not expect relatively simple and verifiable fact be ... not even distorted but, just fla...
I heard this story from my relatives, who lived in Riga, Latvia. It was in the 70s, when there was a warmer political climate between the Soviet Union and United States, when Nixon visited Moscow, and when the word American was not associated with locating the closest bomb shelter... We felt that...
I read a blog by James Wells Our country is broke (in more ways than one), so how do we fix it?   I find this train of thought frustrating. It creates a false idea that we can manipulate the society to be better just because we want and when we want, that we can shift the priorities, and do some ...
Some people claim that there was life before Internet. Interesting. May be these are the same people who claim that there is life on Mars? Some people even claim they can remember life before AR. Wow, do people live that long? So, how was life before AR? The legend has it that real estate profess...
We are getting very close to Closing of this Ormond Beach 2,000sf+ home. After losing a buyer, after going back and forth with contracts, after all that we are soon to close on it (keeping my fingers crossed). This is a relatively rare case where we are the listing agents. Not because we suddenly...

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