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Stimulus is a popular word. Not a day goes by that we do not hear this word. If you look at definitions, you will read that: "A stimulus is anything that can trigger a physical or behavioral change. The plural of stimulus is stimuli. Examples of stimuli include irritants, sights, sounds, heat, co...
I ordered Gary Keller's book after being bribed by Bob Stewart. On the one hand I was not very hyped with the contest, which was not a contest per se, but more like a marketing ploy. On the other hand, It was a reason to read Gary's book, and after reading his Millionaire Real Estate Agent I had ...
It is a never ending discussion on how to handle information on our website. To give the information to customers on our sites or require them to register. How much information to give before asking them to register. I think it was Missy Caulk, who long ago mentioned that she had one site with fr...
I lost my job and immediately figured that in this area there was no way to get some other job with even close income. My mortgage was more than I could make a month in any of the jobs that I could find, there were no meaningful resources, we were in the corner. I had a salesperson license in New...
After the market started drying out, we have reduced our expenses quite a bit. It was not a happy move on our side, and we resisted it for as long as we could, but the income was going down and the expenses felt as tighter and tighter grip on the bottom line. If we would call it a waist line, it ...
What I always find on AR is high regard for the optimism. I think this is an American phenomenon, and no wonder that Americans are the most optimistic bunch in the world. The weigh that people give the attitude is very high. But like with everything else in life, there are no absolutes. My high s...
Internet is such a great thing. After years and years I started connected long lost dots, getting back into  my life those who sat with me at the same desk at school, shared a cigarette in college, people I worked with in different places… I even had a luxury of having some as guests here in Flor...
I was not too long in the country in general and in real estate in particular to unmistakeably know that Real Estate was cyclical. So, when the market started going bananas, I turned my weary eyes and ears ... of course, to NAR, for me at that time  unequivocally the voice and conscience of Realt...
It was January 2005 and we had booked a 7-night cruise on MSG Opera to the Eastern Caribbean. My wife and I have not traveled by water since a long time ago, in 1970, when we, 200 students, were escorted by the armed soldiers from the quarantine camp to a very old ship, which was supposed to take...
Linda Mae Croom posted A Huge Step Forward for Americans... It was meant as a declaration of support of Health Care for Americans. It turned as the support for President Obama and great dealmakers/lawbreakers lawmakers in the Senate. If it is about Health Care, why so many doctors are against it?...

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