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How often comments on a good blog tend to veer away from the original blog post… It seems that people come and do not read the post but catch a comment and then comment on the comment… How often you get a feeling that you are seeing comment after comment, and feel that they have not read the post...
AR has had its share of fights about what to write, what is appropriate, why we are here... I am glad nobody ever won convincingly. If this was a pure real estate network, with high quality stuff... I am afraid it would very soon turn into another library, where if you need something, you go and ...
Jerry Murphy from Arizona left a comment on my post Featured Blog... Is It Your Best?  that he wrote a quick rant and out of a hundred posts he has it was featured. I went to his post and left a comment. I guess, he was frustrated with a short sale and thought that Everyone should have to work on...
Special Assessment for $3,600 is the last in the series of assessments for concrete restoration that hit a popular Hawaiian Inn – a Daytona Beach Shores condo-hotel. Hawaiian Inn, built in 1965, added the fifth floor 9 years later in 1974. It was fending off the Special Assessments for as long as...
I just read a blog posted by Lewis Poretz  I'm just saying.... It is well written… not a demand, it is a thought… It made me think about why America is not taking care of their own when people are losing their homes? I think it does, maybe not in the proper way… I can understand the frustration, ...
A few days ago I received an e-mail. In all caps it shouted at me: -  NEW! NEW! NEW!  **XXXXXXXXX BEACH – BEACH HOUSE** OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-3:30 5/23/2010    WITH LARGE INGROUND POOL! Sunday 1-3:30 5/23/2010 with large inground pool? It reminds me an old army joke when the sergeant tells the plat...
We Are All Different I have not written any purely political posts lately. So here is one coming. This is about the art of hearing each other. I am afraid that with time we move in the opposite directions, while both sides claim they are moving in the 'right' direction. It is difficult, and that’...
I have to admit that I am a huge fan of American Idol.  And ‘You think You Can Dance’. They fascinate me with their creativity, talent, ability to work under extreme pressure… It is a fascinating show, because it shows how much one can achieve if s/he is put in extreme competitive environment. We...
James Foxx posted HOAs Contributing to San Antonio Foreclosure Auctions I am not in Texas, I am in Florida, and there might be difference in how it is handled, but I want to address some issues of basic understanding. HOAs have a budget, and this budget is as lean as it can be. There is no seriou...
Oceanside Inn, a premium Daytona Beach Shores condo-hotel (or hotel condo, if you wish to call it this way) was resisting the fall of the market for a long time. When Plaza Resort & Spa was selling for $30s and $40s, Oceanside Inn maintained its lofty status… but you can’t swim against the curren...

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