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June 29, 2010 was marked on my calendar (Outlook), as I am notorious on missing on the good stuff. I know of in advance, but so often forget in the routine. So, I had it chiming on my computer, and I was so proud with myself. I still had 30 minutes to do something, then 15, then 10, and when my w...
There were many excellent comments left on my blog post Let’s Set the Record Straight. It was obvious, however, that for many belonging to NAR was never a question, and for some NAR became more than a trade association, but sort of business religion. I think it is a normal spectrum of opinions an...
When we are discussing industry issues on AR, whether it is practice of real estate or education, practically always there is an assumption that we are all Realtors (excluding related industry professionals). This is not true. We are first and foremost Real estate licensees. Belonging to NAR is s...
It may sound surprising, but Daytona Beach is busier this year than the year before and, sadly enough, some people attribute it to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. I have heard myself that people cancelled their reservations in Panama City and are looking for a place to stay in Daytona. We se...
Just checked MLSand my listing in Towers Grande is $100K lower than the next unit. It is a huge difference, but somehow we still do not have an offer. Yes it is a short sale, but some others are short sales too. And the Seller has a letter from the Lender with the number that they have in mind, a...
Fannie Mae strikes against the strategic default. That’s their prerogative. In discussion, there were a lot of ethical considerations. So, is strategic default ethical? I would not be surprised if the answer would be no. And I can understand why. However, the other end of the stick is just a real...
Last Saturday my wife took me out to a restaurant for Father’s day.  To my surprise there was a beautiful lady singing. And singing she was… To the point that the whole setting started resembling the concert, where a few confused patrons get upon a stage and had chutzpah to eat between the beauti...
One of my favorite bloggers Karen Anne Stone posted Realtors Charging a Retainer Fee Up Front. Is it Realistic ? Besides other things she is amazed with 210 classroom hours needed to get a Real Estate license compared to 1,500 classroom hours to get a beautician’s license. Of course, it is in Tex...
There is something that I am fundamentally missing. Everybody else seems to understand how it works, and I keep pretending that I am with them… but I am not. Maybe it is because I am an immigrant, and we tend to miss on something “American”… Or it is because I am in Real Estate in Florida since 1...
I am looking at the calendar and it shows: 6/22/2010. June 22. It is 1 A.M. now. On June 22, 1941 at 1 A.M. my then 22- year old mom was sleeping in a small town on the Ukrainian border. She was on a summer internship at a local hospital. She just finished her 4th year in Medical School and had o...

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