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There is a lot already posted about RainCamp Orlando. I left that day with very mixed feelings. As a hermit (or close to it), I usually do not enjoy big crowds, but strangely, the best experience of ActiveRain was bumping into people “from the computer”. There are many names that are familiar, bu...
The Orlando RainCamp is over, and after an hour drive I am back at my computer. The hermit returns to the shell. There are a lot of mixed feelings about the whole experience, but I need some time to settle and figure it for myself. I will sure write about it. This quick blog is just one observati...
I just read a blog posted by LaNita Cates Do you let your buyer write two offers? It is not a unique situation when the Buyers walk away from the short sale. They were walking away before, they are walking away now, they will be walking away tomorrow. In this case the Buyer made an offer for two ...
Start with working on your next OscAR acceptance speech. It is very important, and requires practicing in front of the mirror. You need to learn to demonstrate absolute unexpectedness…. It could be something like “Oh, I am completely lost for words. It is so unexpectedly, I just stopped by on my ...
Towers Six Condominium in Ponce Inlet was built by Dimucci Development Corporation of Port Orange, a developer of commercial properties in Chicago area since 1935. I am not sure whether the company builds any commercial properties in Central Florida, but it s well know in Volusia County and in Da...
I have a customer, who wanted to see a few units in Oceanside Inn – a premier condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores. It is late Sunday morning. There is a line at the  Front Desk. Wet skin all over. Guests in swimsuits, which is purely Floridian. People went to the Beach and the pool to swim for th...
I often venture to read About Me pages for members. It is an interesting read. Reading these pages is a must if you are thinking of finding an agent.There is nothing more telling than what we write. It gives to an inquisitive mind way more information than we think. And sometimes I run into thing...
We were working with a buyer, who put a $470K offer on a Penthouse condo in Towers Grande in Daytona Beach Shores listed for $499K, which at one time (in 2006) was listed for $1,950,000. Very low offer, but the Buyer thinks that he can do whatever he wants, and everyone would agree. Well, if it d...
My agent asked me to help with Outlook and I noticed that there were 474 messages in her junk folder. I asked her what she was doing with messages there, and she said she time from time deletes them. I suggested that we experiment a little, and we opened the Junk Folder. On the very first page th...
Richard Strahm wrote No Nudes is Good Nudes. It is about a showing where the whole wall was covered in nudes, which were “Reproductions of old masters, contemporaries, abstracts.” His advice is “When selling, Nudes out, Neutralize in!” 183 comments down you see that 99.9% of agents are united tha...

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