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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



Having good friends on AR may affect your relationship with your client. Sort of the other side of popularity. Who could have thought… I have a very critical client, and after I posted about his property, and added the video, and then had quite a few comments coming mostly from my AR friends, I f...
Here’s the definition I found on the Web: Condominium HotelsCustomers purchase fee-simple equity in the units - the hotel's guestrooms. Unit owners may live in the hotels permanently or use them as second and third homes. Depending on the hotel's policy, unit owners may rent their units independe...
For someone like me, whose native language is not English, when I was learning it certain things were weird. Some were phonetically awkward. I remember the awkwardness of saying “Who”, because it sounded so close to a dirty curse Russian word… All girls in class blushed, and boys giggled… And the...
Did Anyone Tell You That Real Estate Is Local? We blame media, because Real Estate is local, and they tend not to understand it… We blame the buyers, who read Wall Street Journal in New York and decide not to buy in Florida… We blame sellers, who read about the market in San Francisco, and demand...
I am surfing AR dashboard. There are names I know, and there are names I have never run into before. Some titles catch my eye and I click. And I end up on a page with a post with good information, rather cool one… being technologically slow (nice way to say), I admire those young and ambitious pe...
“A spectacle of smoking acrobatic planes and roaring jets brought a heart-pounding burst of excitement to Daytona Beach on Saturday” said Audrey Parente, a staff writer for News-Journal, a Daytona Beach local newspaper (Planes dazzle in skies over Daytona Beach). I did not need to read the newspa...
I posted   Ah, The Turmoil On AR.... It was sort of light take on heavy events, and I expected light jokes. With them came a question from Roy Kelley: “Now, tell us what impact all of this will have on ActiveRain” But how do I know? I am as far from the HQ as one can possibly be. And then I thoug...
I read about Microsoft taking over Yahoo in Ken Horst’s blog post How Has The Recent Takeover of Yahoo Search by Bing Affected Your Traffic?, and thought that there was a war, and I managed to sleep through it. Turned out it was not so dramatic. Turned out Microsoft did not take over Yahoo and th...
Pre Scriptum -Read to the end of this post and you will see the real estate connection. In 2007the former Health Minister of Azernaidjan, academician Ali Insanov, was sentenced to 11 years in jail. Azerbaijan is a former Soviet Republic in the oil-rich South Caucasus. He was accused of taking bri...
That’s a million-dollar “How to”, isn’t it. Why I am not afraid to make it? Because I have already been on the stupid side myself, so I sort of earned it. The fact that I have not been on the smart side is not important. I am working on that. I am not yet retired  :–( I am an MLS member in Flagle...

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