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Hey, you got a typo in the title Would something like this in the email make me glad? It sure would. Because no matter how careful I am, there are those moments, when I misspell words in the title. Whether simply because the spell checker rests on Titles, or we reread and still did not catch the...
Today we finally closed a short sale - our Marathon… It was our Listing, and we ran aggressive display and classified advertising and kept running Open House. We got a very good offer at one of our Open House. We structured the contract the right way. The goal was not to get the highest price, bu...
I got an e-mail today. My customer was talking to me last year, and prices are even lower this year. - Is this the time to buy? - Did we hit the bottom? It is very tempting to say "Yes". It is very tempting for the last 4 years. And every time, when I think there is no way it can go lower, it doe...
In my younger years back in the USSR trains were the dominant means of transportation. And in a country as big as the USSR, it could be a rather long trip. Going from Middle Russia to the Black Sea was a 2-3 day journey in a railroad car with 55 other people (there 56 seats in non-private passeng...
Built in 2006, this last building in the Oceans complex is also the last high-rise built in Daytona Beach Shores. The city is now limiting the height to 120’, and they are proud with this far from wise decision. But who said that government is supposed to be wise? Anyway, 189 units in 21-story Oc...
I wanted to post it last Monday as a recap of last week, but I wanted to use an image, which was not mine, so I asked, and then waited, but did  not receive the permission, so I am bit late with it. Still, as we all know, better late than never, so here it goes. These four AR members reached thei...
Our first Thanksgiving happened just less than 4 months after landing in JFK in 1991. We lived in the Bronx in the apartment on Overing St. By that time we already were pretty well set. We had furniture brought from scavenging a 1 mile radius in a daily (nightly, to be exact) routine patrol of th...
Yesterday I postedWhat We Can See Happening In Marina Grande On The Halifax in Daytona Beach Area. I ended it with a “Bang!” Something happened that nobody expected. And promised to continue… Historical part: The GC and a bunch of subcontractors that worked on Marina Grande on the Halifax were no...
I have not written anything about Marina Grande on the Halifax in Holly Hill, a small town in Daytona Beach area, and not because there was no drama there. There was and is plenty of drama there. It is like a huge iceberg, where we see a tiny piece of it. It is not what you see, it is what you do...
Could easily be a boater dream house. This fully remodeled 2003 sf Two Bdr/1 Bath Home with an office on the ground level with a brand new dock could be a perfect feet for an avid boater. The house is showing wonderfully. The outside look is very deceiving. The Seller has completely remodeled it ...

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