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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



Cold is a very relative notion. We lived in the Arctic. It is commonly considered cold. Before and after we lived in middle Russia, and it often was cold there… Then we moved to New York, and it was hot compared to Arctic, and very warm compared to middle Russia. Now, that we live in Florida, in ...
I was in Julian’s three times in all these years. The restaurant was a staple in Ormond Beach for years and years. Excellent location on the first block south of Granada Ave on Atlantic Ave. (A1A), it is within walking distance from the Shopping plaza, it is across from Grand Seas, a classy time ...
Actually, this is a new name but not a new Condominium Building in Daytona Beach Area. Recently Islamorada Condominiums in Daytona Beach Shores were sold to Canadian Investors, and they are changing the name to Opus. The investors bought it for about $12 Mil, which is half what the original devel...
I love people who call themselves investors. They walk in, they ask all questions about buying in Daytona Beach Area, and then they say that they are not sure in the economy. They have read this, and listened to that, and thought about something similar happening in Rome of Caesar era... I guess ...
I have noticed that customers in search of vacation properties often are not that tied to a particular area. Often there is no real priority, and for us here on the east cost in Florida this can mean from Jacksonville to Miami. And if this is true for other areas as well, we have to remember that...
Holiday Season – a lot of shopping. A lot of visits to supermarkets where you hear these bells of Salvation Army. Isn’t this season about giving? Well, I didn’t see giving that much. Shoppers with carts full of stuff for which many of them paid way more than $100 pass these men and women of Salva...
It was when I still worked as a limo driver in New York. Bill Clinton’s 50s birthday there in August of 1996 was an event in Radio City Music Hall, and then there was a fundraiser in Waldorf Astoria, and for the entourage there was a party in Planet Hollywood at 140 57 St. I got a job and picked ...
There are two styles of responding to comments on your blog. One is when the author would jam in one shot 10-20 quick responses at a time. Sometimes these are one word responses. I personally love it very much. They are the most time efficient ones. The other one is when the author responds indiv...
My (and not only my) biggest pet peeve on Active Rain is when commenters do not read the post. They do not read, but they comment. Comments like “You did a really good job on this post” left on a reblog (example by Jim Frimmer), closely followed by meaningless “Thanks for sharing.  Keep doing a ...
Plaza Resort & Spa is #2 on my list of condo-hotels in Daytona Beach area only behind Ocean Walk Wyndham Resort. I have not posted about it for quite some time, so here it goes. Surprise or not surprise, but there are only 27 units left for sale in the resort. Considering that a year and a half a...

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