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A few days ago in the local news (Orlando) they were telling about a girl, who came from school, saw a man nearby, went home, turned on the alarm (smart girl), and then the guy tried to make his way in. The alarm went off when he opened the back door, and he ran away into the wooded area. The gir...
Coming from vacation we flew to Miami. We had a car reserved through Budget.  After we got our suitcase, we went to Car rental center. It was already half past 11 PM, but the line at Budget was quite impressive. Everybody had reservation forms in their hands. They were very busy, and turned away ...
It was in the 90s. The call came and the voice asked me if I could recognize it. Yep, it was Lisa (name changed). I last heard her voice 35 years ago, but you could not confuse this high pitched voice and a flow of trivia at a bullet speed … Her parents were doctors, like my mom, and they were go...
What is happening in Egypt, Libya, Yemen is of great concern to all of us. Are falling dictators a good thing? We like to think so. They are not democratic, and we are opposing dictatorships. However, toppling those  regimes is like letting the mighty genie out of the bottle. And this genie is no...
I got my computer yesterday, but I was still too weak. Today is much better, and, after I successfully negotiated with a nurse not to give me lowering blood pressure medication, as those crazy numbers (high in the 70 and 80s) were, using a computer jargon, keeping me low on resources. I must admi...
We love to have 4 seasons, but when winter packs snow for more than a week in IL, or just goes below comfortable temperatures in FL, we get nostalgia for warmer places. So, where do we go in the middle of winter? One of warm place to go is Dominican Republic. I just came back a few hours ago, and...
It is not the first time I see on agents’ business cards that they serve 3 or 4 counties. It is like a wide net to catch as many customers that you can get. I understand that market has changed and the way we work has also changed. With everything on the net, we can afford doing things we could n...
I left for vacation in Dominican Republic on February 9. A couple of days before it I received a call from Derek Catron, staff writer for our News-Journal. He Googled  Marina Grande on the Halifax and saw a series of my blogs about this condo development in Holly Hill, Daytona Beach area. We chat...
Ellie McIntire posted Does sex sell houses? It is about an ad in Australia offering exclusive home using some sexy video. I laughed, then later came back, read some of the comments and cringed… I thought it was funny, and did not find anything offensive with that. “The video is unashamedly sexy f...
Abdon Stewart in a comment to Ellie’s Does sex sell houses? said that “it creates a buzz, and that’s their whole goal”. It sounded as there was something wrong or just not nice with creating a buzz. Hmm… I wrote a bunch of blog posts about Marina Grande on the Halifax, a massive condo development...

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