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Exactly 2 years ago today I received the following e-mail from the owner of a condo unit in MG on the Halifax (then Marina Grande on the Halifax) in Holly Hill, FL: «I may be hurting myself in the future, but stay away from this place.  Plenty of lawsuits in progress, and Momentis are as big if n...
When I read about «Success Story» thing, I figured that I won't do it because it felt tacky to stay there with the check. I really did not want my customers see me there as it would stress the money only part of our business, and each closing goes beyond money. It is pride, satisfaction after a l...
 uniqueness of the situation was that in MG on the Halifax in Holly Hill there were no sales at all for a couple of years at least, so there were no comparables. And there are no real comparables to MG on the Halifax. It is a different animal. If it were on the Beach, and not on the Intracoastal,...
Condo Association forecloses on a unit in a condo-hotel in Daytona Beach and now they are proud owners of a condo. They are trying to sell. After a while they list it with an agent from a major franchise. At one point I have a customer who wants this unit. He would use his retirement money, so it...
The trouble for many condo associations is that some owners do not pay their dues. So, they do not pay their dues, and live for free, or, better say, they are subsidized by paying condo owners. Because the budget does not expect to operate with shortage, the owners have to pay more to keep provid...
Some of my friends live in condos. And condos are what I breathe. But I am usually trying to avoid discussing their condo living. They are often so confident that they know how it should be run, that it is strange that they even have problems. Of course, people elected to the Board to represent A...
No, this is not about the Constitution, it is about Gary Woltal's blog. He is guilty for making me think on this wonderful warm and sunny day in Daytona Beach. Gary posted Avoiding Mono Mania In Life. It is usually very difficult to be in disagreement with Gary, but this time I felt I was, or, l...
I have not been to the county foreclosure auction for some time, and today there was a very average condo-hotel unit in Fountain Beach Resort in Daytona Beach, and, knowing that nobody ever wanted to deal with condo-hotel units before, and the judgment was under $10K, we thought that we could get...
I read a blog post today, and I thought that it is very important to understand how the way the comments were handled may affect the very goal of the blog post. We, bloggers, are longing for attention. We write so that people read and comment. We swing the door wide open and invite the peers or t...
How about getting to paradise on autopilot? Aren't we constantly looking at new stuff that can turn the wheel of fortune our way, and start overwhelming our e-mail with excellent leads? Aren't we buying or subscribing to yet another magical tool? J. Philip in his excellent post Buyers Want a Home...

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