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Bob Stewart started a fashionable “Random Thoughts” thingie. I did one myself, and thought that I would be doing them time from time as fun. The problem was that being not a humorous type, I find it difficult to come up with really good ones, so I wrote one, and then could not get any more. And i...
As an immigrant, I sometimes stumble upon words that I do not know. But what a fun was to find out that others did not know some words, too. Lyn put together one of the most entertaining classses I have ever been to. Want to know if you know English? Try it right now. Even if you do not know ever...
            Memorial Day Services in Ormond Beach  Rockefeller Gardens – a beautiful riverfront park in front of the Casements, the winter home of John Rockefeller, was a place to hold Memorial Day services today. It started at 9 AM. Started with the parade, it also included a band concert, a gue...
For a few days already I am getting calls about a unit in Oceanside Inn, a premier condo-hotel in Daytona Beach Shores, which was listed for $27,900. Considered a city view unit (has the view of the ocean as well) is a handicap unit with no kitchenette but much bigger bathroom. Interestingly, whe...
The Market & Ocean Walk Wyndham Resort in Daytona Beach The market looks as if nothing changes, but this is a false impression. Yes, prices are still good, and some are just incredible… Sellers are still outnumbering the buyers. Sellers are more and more coming to terms with the reality, and you ...
Guys, honestly, aren't you tired of this? Banks are this and banks are that. At minimum they are stupid... They should not have given risky loans, they should have been more cautious; they were greedy ... And as a result – see what happened to the housing market. We love to get together and bark ...
Recently we were in Sam's club and they had a display of flowers in small pots and people would come to it and touch the leaves. They looked so nice, but somehow people thought that they were fake plants. And they were live. My wife does not have a green thumb. So, when I saw orchids in every roo...
The blunt of the thunderstorm was across the  Intracoastal, but you could see the lightning and still hear the sound of thunder... I was working at my computer watching the retention pond filling up with water turning it into what we call «seasonal waterfront". I did not notice when the rain stop...
I was reading Richie's post and I got carried away by his narrative, and I imagined the process every step of the way, and was enjoying it just from imagining. how often we put the cooking (or whatever we do) ahead of people. We got edible results and we are fine. But aren't we missing on enjoya...
Bryan Robertson posted Why are banks not held accountable for delaying short sales? It is featured, tons of «I agree» comments, everything in classic AR style. Of course how the idea so darn wrong could be featured is beyond me, but I digress... OK, we are tired that it takes banks more time that...

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