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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



Creativity does not know borders. Creativity does not have limits. If there was a world-wide competition for the most creative storytelling, it would have been Casey Anthony or her attorney Jose Baez, who won today, hands down. We have learned not to trust what this young mother says, as if we do...
It was just recently ... and so long ago. It is in our memory ... and it was a different era. I feel old just because I remember life before personal computers. I even remember life before calculators. And every enterprise had a whole department of people in the accounting with large rooms lined ...
I just got the last Realtor magazine in the mail. On the cover: 30 under 30. These are industry notables, who would be determining it in the very near future. With these 30 young people one thing is for sure: they are known in the industry. Not that I personally know them or even heard about them...
A few days ago I walk into my office and my son, who works with me, said that one of the agents we know quite well was in trouble. She has just sent him an e-mail and she desperately needed help. My guts have that elusive sixth sense that my head doesn't, and they started telling me that this was...
Just noticed that I am still here, and it is 2:55 AM on Sunday... Not that it is very early (or too late), this is pretty normal for me... I suddenly remembered the warning that the Judgment Day was supposed to begin at 9 PM EST, so I somehow completely forgot about the end of the world. Maybe it...
We are getting into busy season here in Daytona. Hotels get busier and busier and it is not even unusual to see a «no vacancy» sign on weekends, when Daytona is packed with tourists, locals from Orlando and other inland areas, and participants and spectators of events, which still make Daytona wh...
Sunglow Pier is a staple in Daytona Beach Shores. One of the places where you can always find fishermen... With a restaurant Crabby Joe's Deck & Grill, it is a very popular place both with locals and tourists. Of course, with my vegan diet, I am enjoying it from the outside. It is less than 2 mil...
It is interesting how much information we get from the peers. I do feel that I now have a pretty good feel about Charlotte thanks to Debe Maxwell; I am getting a close look at newspaper "reading" habits of cows (It's Dangerous to Read the Newspaper on the Farm!), and getting closer to being able ...
Agent from one of so many now Exit Realty offices in the area called me a couple  of weeks ago and said that she was looking at our listings, unit 1004 in Oceans Grand, and that she had a very picky buyer and she needed me to tell her whether the unit was direct oceanfront, or it was oceanview. W...
Ocean Walk Wyndham Resort in Daytona Beach is a combination of a condo-hotel with whole owners (that's how they call them) and timeshare. 19-story South Tower was built in 2001. It has more units owned by whole owners, than under time share arrangement. North Tower, added in 2004, a 25-story buil...

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