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Living in Daytona Beach area is more relaxed and easier than in more humid Miami, and it is also the most affordable living by the Ocean.



I posted a blog about best (and still available) one-bdr Beachside condos in Daytona area Best One-Bedroom Condos for less than $100K On the Beachside in Daytona. This blog post presents the best 2-bedroom condos on the Daytona's Beachside for less than $100K. Again, these are not all condos fall...
Evenings in Daytona Beach Shores sometimes display such an array of colors, that you can only stop in awe and watch. Setting sun splits the sky and paints it gradually from ink to turquoise, clouds catch the light of the sinking sun and you have them from gray-blue to pink... And it keeps changin...
I receive calls after customers read my blogs on Active Rain pretty much daily. There is a feel that crisis can't be forever, and it  is quite possible that today's prices soon may become history, and many out there might be rather soon saying «Who could have known?» It is understandable that som...
Today we went to the beach a bit later than usual. We enjoy perfect temperatures, warm but not hot. The water in the ocean is 74, which is still cold for locals, and tourists have it all for themselves. We walked for over an hour and a half, and were coming back watching the full moon rising abov...
It was last week, Saturday May 7. My wife called me and told me to come to Beach Street as something was happening there. There were plenty of people and the street was blocked from traffic. Beach Street – a pride of Daytona's downtown – is trying to bring life to its beautiful but deserted block...
Bob Stewart started random thoughts and it turned out to be very contagious. I thought of doing it as well, and here is the result of this randomness. life is the process of losing what we do not want to lose, and gaining what we do not want to gain. If you look in the mirror, and you are over......
Greg Nino posted An Interview With Activerain CEO Nikesh Parekh (Niki) and then AR new CEO reblogs it. I am reading the comments and feel like I am missing something here. Well, I think am missing everything. Yes, I can understand when we are fascinated with celebrities. We want to know MORE abou...
Did you read this heart-wrenching post A $60,000 Eulogy for ActiveRain written by former ActiveRain CTO, VP, Product Development Jorgen Hahn? Do it. It does not matter which side you are in, or even if you have picked a side, as I haven't. It is one of those posts that get you feel the smell of c...
I had an interesting conversation on the phone with a high school teacher, who was interested in condo-hotels in Daytona Beach area. She has read my blogs, and was very familiar with the issues. Price, especially since these are cash buys, was an important parameter. So, what would I buy if I wer...
Why Daytona? This is an excellent question, and I am asking it myself for as long as I live here. I go to the West Coast of Florida and I fall in love with it. West Coast is beautiful. Love St. Petersburg... Why Daytona? I go to Miami and spend hours on South Beach. It pumps adrenaline and makes ...

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